3 Unexpectedly Useful Areas Of Your House

3 Unexpectedly Useful Areas Of Your House stairwell


For the vast majority of us, our house is a collection of rooms. That’s how we focus our design efforts and our home improvements, focusing on each room as an individual and getting them to a point we are satisfied with them.

The main rooms that tend to grab our focus are…

  • The kitchen – often referred to as the most important room in the house.
  • The bathroom – where style needs to meet necessary function to bring a sense of calm to otherwise busy mornings.
  • The bedroom – taking the time to make it the sanctuary you need
  • Extra bedrooms, especially if you have kids.

… and then that’s pretty much it.

If, like most families, you find yourself struggling for space on occasion, then you might be surprised at how useful some of the oft-forgotten areas of your home are. Usually neglected and not seen as part of the overall picture, if you take the time to revamp and make them usable, you could discover a huge amount of space, and improve your living environment immeasurably.

Hallways and Stairways

The problem with hallways and stairways is that they are primarily about function, connecting one room to the next. If that’s how you see and use them, saving your decor and storage ideas for actual rooms, then you might just be missing a trick.

For one thing, keeping these areas bright and airy can make the whole house feel bigger. You can also explore a range of storage options – such as radiator cabinets and covers – that are designed to work in narrow areas or across stairs. You could easily expand your storage just by using an area you’ve never thought of as having much use before.


Most people tend to use their basement as a junk room, but there’s no reason it has to be like that. With the proper work done to make it fit for living purposes, preventing corrosion, and make the most of the natural light, you could find yourself with an entirely new room that you never expected.

If you want to be really radical, why not move your kitchen into the basement? It means you can control cooking smells that are otherwise liable to spread through the house, and also makes entertaining easier as you have dedicated areas. It’s a lot of work, but if you really want to make your house feel brand new and exciting, then few ideas will manage it better.

Outside Space

3 Unexpectedly Useful Areas Of Your House outdoors


If you see your outside space as a standard garden, then you’re overlooking its potential. If you think of it differently, it could introduce a whole new scope of possibilities into your life. For example, you could build a log cabin that can function as an extra sitting room, or opt for a raised patio to create a unique space for entertaining. Or if it’s storage you’re in need of, clever outdoor storage options can free up the areas inside your house and make everywhere feel 100% more spacious.

So make the most of all the areas of your home, not just the obvious ones that demand attention. You’ll be delighted, and surprised, at what you might be able to achieve.


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