Rendering Methods That Add Value to Your Home!

Rendering Methods That Add Value to Your Home!
Rendering Methods That Add Value to Your Home!

There are some pretty new ideas in which you can renovate your home or if you’re planning to make a new one, there are many exciting ways to create a more modern look. Rendering is always seen as the most modern and classy approach as it can not only enhance your house into a more pleasant and a dream-like place, but it also adds thousands to the value of your house. Rendering is the most long-lasting method to add value to your home as it is essential to provide a house with an elegant and smooth finish. Rendering is always seen as an investment because whenever in future you want to sell your house, a rendered house will add value to your house and increase its profit by huge margins.

Applying a coat of rendering to your house is one of the best methods to not only add value to the house but give an elegant facelift to it, especially if the house in bad exterior conditions, or a mixture of mismatched materials. Changing and improving the exterior of a house is the most effective way to add value to a house and therefore, there are more and more rendering clients in line to get their property rendered.

A house’s exterior is the first thing any buyer will see and therefore, it should be in its best condition and look attractive enough to appeal clients. Rendering can be flexible or sand and cement there are some houses that have poor quality exteriors even if they have a fully furnished house with best equipment’s, a polished and smooth exterior will be a more inviting and welcoming to clients. Therefore, rendering clients have increased in number and are looking for reliable and trustworthy companies that provide them with such services.

Cement Rendering:

Cement Rendering is now one of the most wanted services by the rendering clients as it gives a more modern and smooth finish. It is one of the best ways to renovate old houses. This cement rendering will give your house an elegant finish not only externally but also in the interiors of the house. It will not only repair the damaged walls but give it a fresh look. This mixture is made of lime, sand, and cement and thus gives a rendering client a smoother finish to his or her house.

Stucco Rendering:

Stucco Rendering on other hand is mostly needed by rendering clients who are looking for a more modern, textured, and stylish finish. This mixture is made of hydrated lime, sand, and cement. There are three layers of this mixture applied on the required wall. The last layer carries the color and textured finish the rendering client chooses. This is one complicated rendering technique and professional expertise in needed to get the required outcome of the rendering client.

Wet Plastering:

Uses mixtures of sand, water, and lime/gypsum to provide a smooth finish, which makes it preferable for rendering clients looking for a more stylish and fashionable interior. Though wet plastering is not suitable for load bearing finish.

Nowadays, rendering clients are looking for wall rendering techniques that go beyond the traditional finishes. Now these walls rendering methods can offer these clients a wide range of cutting-edge products to give them the finish that they desire. Whether an acrylic render, scratch render, polymer render, brick effect renders etc.

Rendering Methods That Add Value to Your Home!

Therefore, there are a number of factors to consider while choosing a rendering system for your home, such as, the age of your home, desired color and finish, its existing substance etc. it is very necessary to choose a modern system for an exterior to render that will not only increase the aesthetics of your home but also provide a flexible shell that protects your property from all elements.


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