8 Things to Check before Calling for A/C Service

8 Things to Check before Calling for A/C Service

After a stressful day at work, sometimes you just want to get at home as fast as you can and relax. But every so often, the weather can be extremely hot and prevents you to do so. The solution – HVAC systems – which will help you regulate the temperature to stay comfortable. Imagining how useful are these and how these could save you during those times will also make you think that you can’t afford to lose them at home. However, at times, no matter how strict your maintenance is, your air conditioning unit might seem to be not functioning well. And you start thinking of calling an HVAC service to find out what’s the problem but you are somehow hesitant whether this service can cause you convenience or just about to cost you money.

To help you with that, here are some steps you can do by yourself before Googling “hvac companies near me” to get a technician to fix your HVAC. Thus, saving you time, money, and hassle.

  1. Is there an electrical power to the house?

There are reported cases in the US and probably in other parts of the world of homeowners calling for assistance regarding their HVAC, only to find out by the technicians who came to fix the problem that the whole neighborhood has no power. So before going into panic mode and call the electricity service center, or try other power sources in different places at home. This will save you from embarrassment and extra unneeded cost.

  1. Have you checked the air filter?

If you think your air conditioning or heater is not working to its full potential, try to check if the filter is dirty or clogged. Try to clean it regularly and change it from time to time. Neglected air filter will result to malfunctioning HVAC.

  1. Are there batteries in the thermostat?

It will be quite embarrassing to call someone from somewhere only to have the batteries changed for you. A task anyone can pretty much accomplish. If there are no display in the thermostat, try to change the battery and see if something has changed.

  1. Has the circuit breaker been tripped?

If the unit malfunctioned, try checking out the breaker box first. It is also called fuse box but recent units do not use box for a while.

If you are able to locate and check it, see if it is tripped. If it is, reset the breaker. However, the circuit breaker automatically trips itself for safety purposes so if it trips again, that’s the time you should call an HVAC expert or an electrician to fix the problem.

  1. Have you checked the switch on the indoor unit?

Some local codes require a separate switch of the HVAC for safety purposes. Someone may accidentally turned it off. Try to check it out first before looking at other possibilities or calling a service to check on your unit.

  1. Did you check the disconnect switch to the outdoor unit?

Same as the tip above, there is a switch outside your house. Check it and make sure it is flipped on. Just be cautious as it has 240 volts of electricity and if mishandled, it can easily electrocute anyone. So if you see loose wirings, do not try to do it by yourself unless you do have enough knowledge about it.

  1. What about the condensation pump and/or A/C drain line?

Most air conditioning units have a water safety switch. The function of this feature is to automatically stop the operation when water leaks to your ceilings and reach your unit. There is this pan under the unit and if there is water on it, the drain is probably clogged. To solve the issue, simply clear the pan and flush out the drain making sure it is not clogged anymore. Next, make sure that there aren’t any air conditioner leaking freon in your home. Through that, you’re A/C is more likely to work again.

  1. What about the safety switch in the pan under the A/C unit?

Again, there is another switch you should be wary about. This switch could be altered if you are frequently moving boxes in and out of the attic since this activity may bump the switch and could be a problem. Do not bypass this safety switch because it can result to big water mess in your home.

After checking out these 8 things with your HVAC units, and still not solve your problem, it is the perfect time to call for a professional help.


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