What Are The Benefits Of Forklifts And Factors That Cause Forklift Sales To Increase

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The primary reason why companies use forklifts is to move goods from one location to the other. Along with eliminating the required manpower, it reduces the overall time that is required to move the goods to a different location. Also, these forklifts can be used to move goods vertically that cannot be reached with the help of a hand. Some of the other benefits provided by forklifts are-

# Excellent Capacities for Lift and Load

One of the reasons why the volume of forklift sales is going up is that of the compactness of the machines. These machines are designed in such a way that they can comfortably work in narrow and tight environments. In addition to this, these machines can be maneuvered or moved with different loads. Most of the forklifts have small capacities and some of them have a capacity of more than 5000 kg. If a customer chooses a forklift with the right configuration for the right kind of capacity, it can run for a long time.

# Meets Safety Regulations

One more reason for the sudden boom in forklift sales is the safety that it provides to the workers. Before the invention of forklift, factories were using cables, ropes, and pulleys. These options were very dangerous and had the potential to cause fatal accidents. Once the forklifts were introduced in the market the safety of the workers increased radically. In addition to this, every forklift operator is provided training and is taught all the safety procedures.

# Types of Forklifts

There are three primary types of forklifts that are available in the market. The varieties are internal combustion forklift, electric forklift, and manually operated forklift. The internal combustion forklift is operated with the help of diesel and gasoline. Because of this combustion gases are left out. This is one of the reasons why this forklift is not used indoors.

Electric forklifts are battery operated and are run with the help of motors. Even though this type of forklift is 20-40% costlier than the combustion type, the user can save a lot of money on fuel by using electric forklifts. One more advantage of motor-operated forklift is that it is much quieter than the internal combustion-operated forklift. Manual forklifts are not operated with the help of motors. Hence, this is one of the reasons why the volume of manual forklift sales is lower than the other types of forklifts.

# Services Offered by Forklift Vendors

With the evolution of forklifts, the number of vendors selling forklifts has considerably increased. Now these forklift vendors are offering both partial and full-service plans for customers. Usually the full maintenance contract covers breakdowns and repairs. The partial maintenance contracts usually cover oil change, filter replacement, and minor repairs.

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# Affordability of Forklifts

Some of the forklifts are moderately priced and hence the volume of forklift sales has been steadily increasing on a yearly basis. Even if the customer can’t afford a forklift, there are many vendors in the market who provide leasing options to such customers. This leasing option is very helpful for small businesses.

Keeping all these benefits in mind it is very important for the customer to understand the disadvantages of forklifts before selecting the type of forklift for use. Sometimes a simple forklift might not be able to perform all the functions. Hence, the customer has to take the advice of an expert in the forklift industry before making a choice. Some warehouses might think that they will be able to complete their tasks without purchasing any kind of forklifts. However, experience has shown that almost every warehouse or a factory will need the help of a forklift.


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