What are Roller Blinds and How to Install Them?

Roller Blinds inside of house

Roller blinds, the most popular window covering, are based on the Roman blinds. Both the kinds of blinds offer utmost privacy to the setting and helps in filtering out the light. It can roll up in a tight ream for stowing and may even roll down. Now people are installing the roller blinds in their home and commercial premises because the old traditional curtains cannot provide them 100% privacy level, and these curtains are generally unable to protect the adverse effects of sunrays. However, when you install the roller blinds on your window and doors, it can block the UV ray and sun heat, and keep your rooms cool during the hottest summer. Alternatively, roller blinds can also prevent moisture, dust and it can save your property from natural disasters. It is better to install the designer roller blinds in your bedrooms to protect your privacy level and it can also maintain your window panels from adverse climatic effects.

# Why Do You Install the Roller Blinds in Your Home and Commercial Places?

A roller blind is made up of polyester fabric which is constrained and mounted on the aluminum tube. At the bottom of the roller blind fabric, the PVC pole or aluminum pole is fixed in order to prevent the waving of the blind. The blind may be operated with the spring mechanism, some chain or by a motorized system. A high-quality roller blind may be used for the hotels, office windows, home window to give a pleasing and lucrative kind of look. They come in a variety of designs, styles and fabrics. You may use this in the office, hotel or your bedroom. Being light in weight, you will not face any difficulty while rolling the blinds. If installed properly, the blind can offer utmost privacy to the setting and can also block out the sun’s rays.

# Tips on Installing the Roller Blind

  • Firstly, you need to determine the exact place where you have to install the blinds. Make use of only metal screws wherever you need screws. If you need to install it on a wallboard, make use of wall anchors.
  • Let the items hold themselves in the inner portion of your windows. Make sure that they do not touch the window’s top portion and does not create a kind of obstruction. Determine the location of its installation and draw a line on either side wherever you have placed the bracket.
  • Your bracket must be around 1/8 portion of the frame of the window. Use a pencil to create dots and mark the areas where screws need to be fixed. Mark spots on other sides of the frame as well.
  • Now is the time to drill holes upon the dots in the best way. Follow instructions from the experts and drill larger holes.
  • Insert one screw at a time in the hole and just hold the bracket to the frame of the window. Keep the screw inside the bracket to the best of your possibility and tighten the screws as much as possible. Keep the pin of the blind within the bracket.
  • In case the roller blind has an appropriate shape and size, it is best to contact a mechanic from a reliable hardware store. The mechanic must have experience in the task and should be able to accomplish the work.

Roller Blinds looking outward

Roller blind is the best kind of window treatment. They are easy to use, simple, washable, and needs the minimum maintenance. A roller blind can block the harmful UV rays of the sun in the best possible manner.


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