How to Select the Right Tractor for Farming Work?

Tractor for Farming Work

When it comes to farming, a farmer’s life without a tractor is unimaginable! For day-to-day farming work tractors are a must have for all farmers and agricultural land owners. After all tractors sure know how to make a farmer’s life easy. No wonder, when it comes to select the right tractor for farming work, some important factors must be taken into consideration.

Know your requirement while you choose the tractor for farming works:

There are multiple purposes for which you need the tractor, and it must be a durable one, so that you can carry on the leveling of the land and the entire system of ploughing with the tractor. Ask yourself to do you want to:

  • Dig the field?
  • Plough the land?
  • Haul the farm?
  • Do heavy duty landscaping?
  • Tilling and planting in fields?
  • Loading and excavating jobs?
  • Do Heavy duty landscaping?

Judge the terrain before you buy the tractor model

Assess the terrain in which the tractor will be used. If it is undulated and rough, you will require a heavy-duty tractor. You may consider buying tractors with fatigue reducing features too for greater durability. There are less powerful models, which can be used for soft grassy terrains.

Assess the Safety Features

You must evaluate the safety features of the tractor you are purchasing before you make your final decision. After all these are heavy duty machines and involves complex operations, which should be safe to perform. Always ask your dealer to give you an elaborate demonstration of the vehicles safety features before you make your purchase decision. Give special attention to the operator’s platform. It must be comfortable and equipped with safety measures. The controls should be easily accessible and the view should be clear. Go for a vehicle with power steering for easy movement. The power steering and the load capacity of the tractor are two important factors, which you must consider before you start using the tractor.

Decide on the size of your tractor

  • The size of tractor used in a small farm will differ from one that is used in a large farm. Remember the larger the better concept does not work here. The size of your tractors will depend completely on the job you want the tractor to be utilized for.
  • Check on the transmission and horsepower. If it is only grass cutting work, a tractor with lower horsepower will be sufficient for you. Small farm tractors have a horsepower between 30-60.
  • These small tractors are easy to move on pastured lands. If you want to use the tractors for heavy-duty farm work like ploughing fields, cutting hay, transporting produce, planting work etc., go for a larger tractor with greater capacity – ideally more than 75 horsepower.

Tractor for Farming Work red

Brand and Price comparison are must

List down or shortlist the brands you are looking for.  Compare prices offered across websites and dealers to get a fair idea on the present price of the model of your choice. Zero down on the tractor that meets all your requirements within your budget. At the same time, you should also check about the maintenance factor of the tractor. Generally, tractors with a diesel engine cost more, but their level of performance is more than the ones that run on petrol.

Low on Maintenance

The tractor you choose to buy should be low on maintenance as well. After all a tractor is not a car that you would be change anytime. This vehicle is there to stay with you for years and serve you as well. Choose tractors that have easily replaceable and affordable parts.

Buy your tractor with guidance from your trusted dealer. Knowing the basics will help you find the right tractor for your farm jobs.


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