7 Tips to Avoid Water Damage

Water Damage pipes bursting

Taking care of your water system is essential to keep the foundation of your house safe. Water damage is one of the main reasons why the house foundation might weaken and at the end you will to spend a lot of money to fix the damage. But because better safe than sorry, we have come up with 7 important tips to avoid the consequences of water damage. By following these tips, you will ensure that your house will be safe and properly maintained.

  1. Clean your gutters:

Cleaning your gutters is essential to keep your water system working properly. Do this at least twice a year and make sure that the ice dams are removed and avoid the costs of water damage. Still water can create water puddles that will lead to a lot of damage. Clogged drains can damage your walls and not just your floors.

  1. Pay attention to your water main:

You need to know where your water main is and to shut it off if you are planning to leave the house for a long time. This will ensure that no dripping will ever damage your house while you are not paying attention.

  1. Pay attention to your vegetation:

Trees and shrubs are pretty, but unfortunately the roots can cause a lot of damage to your water system. In some cases the roots will wrap around the pipes and even break them. This is why you need to minimize landscaping near the utility pipes.

  1. Test that your sump pump is working regularly:

A sump pump is essential to keep your house safe during a storm. You need to make sure that yours is working properly before you actually need it. Fill the pit with water and watch the float rise to turn on the pump. Once it starts working the water level should fall. If you don’t have a generator, then you might want to get a new pump that works on water pressure. The battery kind will work well if your sump pump works on well water. A new bump might cost around 150 GBP. Ignoring the maintenance of your sump pump can flood your basement, your walls and carpeting.

  1. Check for ice blocks:

During the cold season, water might turn to ice in your pipes to create a block or even them. It is best to disconnect your hoses when it is freezing outside. Head to a professional like Water Damage Restoration Dallas Texas to make sure that your pipes are working properly.

  1. Check for water leaks:

It is important to check for dark spots under sinks or pipes. Fixing a leak at an early stage will prevent the long term damage and the costs that you might endure to replace rotten wooden floors or to deal with mold. Dealing with every drip at the very beginning can spare you a lot of expenses and hassle.

Water Damage valves bursting

  1. Monitor your water bill:

This is the easiest and fastest way to detect that there is something wrong with your water system. If your usage suddenly jumps over the course of a month or two then there is somewhere your water is going and you need to get an experienced plumber to detect and fix the problem.

Following these tips doesn’t cost much but the benefits you will gain are priceless. Just make sure that you are paying attention to the earliest signs and maintain your water system before the damage manifests. You don’t have to let a burst pipe or a discrete leak ruin your furniture and floors.


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