Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner in room benefits

Vacuum cleaners are a must for home cleaning nowadays. There is no doubt. But a simple question arises every now and then, which type of vacuum cleaner to choose? Upright or canister? Actually, both types of vacuum cleaner have their own advantages and disadvantages. Or to be accurate, both type has their own area of usage.

Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuums are heavier than the canister. This property of an upright vacuum cleaner helps to clean deep carpeted surface, but requires much effort while maneuvering. So what is declared as a benefit might seem a con respecting a different scenario. However, let’s focus onto some benefits of upright vacuum cleaners.

Cheaper: Upright vacuum cleaners are usually cheaper than the canister vacuum cleaners. The price is a relative issue and both upright and canister vacuums has cheaper and pricier products. But if you place the spotlight onto performance, upright vacuum cleaners surely do better than a canister vacuum cleaner according to the price paid.

One Pass Cleaning: The best of the best upright vacuum does not need to move around a lot of time while cleaning the house. Whenever other types of vacuum cleaners are required to maneuver over a place more than once to clean the area completely, an upright vacuum cleaner can do the job perfectly by covering the area only once. Saves your time while in a hurry but have to clean the house.

Motorized Brush: Apart from the fact, an upright vacuum cleaner is heavier than other types of vacuum, it uses motorized brushes. Combining the weight and these brushes, upright vacuum cleaners are very much likely to clean thicker carpets or rags effectively than the others. Thick carpets contain more stains and dirt by nature. To clean these carpets, an upright vacuum cleaner is a must.

Usage Suitability: Upright vacuums are structured tall. Whenever cleaning with an upright vacuum cleaner, one does not have to lower her back. People with big domicile always complain that if they have to bend their back while vacuuming, Thin pain occurs. Upright vacuums are known to be devoid of the matter.

Wider Cleaning Path: Upright vacuum cleaners are relatively bulkier in size. This large size allows the cleaning head to be larger and wider. This wider cleaning path covers more areas while vacuuming. Means less movement, more cleaning. Another example of usage suitability.

However, only complain about the upright vacuum cleaners is its massive size and cumber some movement. Apart from that, upright vacuum cleaners cannot be put under some furniture for their big cleaning head. To clear the issues, stick vacuums are brought by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer companies. They weigh less, more compact on size. But surely you will not get the same output as a complete upright vacuum cleaner would do.

Benefits of stick upright vacuum cleaner

Size: The first and the most effective benefit of a stick upright vacuum is its’ size. They weigh less, very easy to carry around here and there. One does not have to sweat as he vacuuming with a stick vacuum cleaner.

Cost: Even though usual upright vacuum cleaners cost less, stick vacuums are priced lesser. Same fact is applicable here by the way. You can find pricier stick vacuum. They are priced higher for their additionally powerful suction motor.

Storing: Stick vacuums are tiny in size. Storage of a vacuum cleaner is an important matter because fat vacuum cleaners occupy much spaces. Not everyone complains about too much space occupying of a vacuum, but stick vacuum cleaners solve the issue if someone gets uncomfortable while storing her vacuum cleaner.

Converting Ability:Stick vacuums can be converted into a handheld vacuum by simply a flicking of a switch. Handheld vacuums are wise option to clean sofas, chairs, bed sheets etc.

Noise: Stick vacuums make less noise than any other form of vacuum cleaners.

Every type of vacuums has their own pros and cons. But if someone is in doubt that which type of vacuum cleaner he/she should get, simply choose an upright vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuum cleaners cover wide range of cleanliness.

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