Seven Fashion Hacks to Get You Through Summer

Fashion Hacks for summer white bikini
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Well, ladies, it’s that time again. The time for beach-side picnics, family barbecues, and indie music festivals. Of course, we are talking about summer! So, what are you going to wear to all these occasions and more? And, how can you make the clothes that you already have more palatable for the sunny season? Read on to discover seven cool fashion hacks for summer!

  1. Incorporate Mix-and-Match Swim Pieces
    While it is true that girls of nearly any size and shape can rock out a bikini, you would be hard-pressed to find a woman that was blessed with both a healthy backside and a hearty chest. Or, even if you are structured just about evenly, you may opt for a high-cut bottom and tank-like top, or a skimpier top with a fuller bottom, so you can hide flaws and accentuate curves. 

    That is why it is fortunate that many online brands and department store chains have begun selling separate tops and bottoms. This is one of my favorite fashion hacks for summer, because you can mix and match a suit that is tailor-made for your needs, eliminating embarrassment at the beach.

  2. Purchase Some Slippers
    These open toe bathrobe slippers are so comfortable and come really in handy when you have just taken a swim and are now lounging by the pool, soaking up sun. You can also use them at the beach to keep the sand from caking on your feet after a walk along the incoming tide.

    They even work well for summer traveling because they are compact and do not take too much room in your suitcase. They also make great protection from dirty, and often chilly, hotel room floors.

  3. Try on Some Laid-back Stylings
    Summer is a time for relaxation, so try not to style yourself to look so uptight! You can make any outfit look a tad summerish by working the margins. For example, you can turn up your capris’ hems, let your hair down loose, and dress down your outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a floppy sun hat. Ditch your socks and wear canvas tennis shoes in a variety of bright colors and patterns. If you play your cards right, your mood will start to reflect your sunny appearance!
  4. Avoid Black Color
    Even though it is a basic staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe, the warmer months are not the time to pull out that sexy little black dress. As a matter of fact, doing so would be a fashion disaster. After all, if you can’t wear white after Labor Day, why should you wear black after Memorial Day?The summer is a time to be bold and experiment with passionate colors and patterns. Black is never considered a sun-ready color, and it can even increase the amount of heat you absorb from the sun, but if you must, at least let your accessories play to your summery sensibilities.

    Be sure to wear large earrings and bib-like necklaces in loud colors like canary yellow, fuchsia, or vibrant reds and blues. Try floral patterns and designs that signal the season. There is no overdoing it, because one’s personal stamp on a basic outfit is always in style.

  5. Avoid Embarrassing Rips and Tears
    Chafing between your inner thighs may increase in the summer due to sweat, and the back and forth action has led to tears in the fabric of more than one pair of favorite jeans or shorts. However, there is something you can do to combat the inevitable – proactive patching!You simply sew an additional patch on the inside of the jeans, where your thighs are bound to meet. This patch adds an extra layer of protection, and when the fabric inevitably rips, you’ll be covered by the covert panel. These tough denim patches can be easily found in big box retailers and craft stores.
  6. Play with Slip Dresses and Camisoles
    Even if you feel they are too airy, or too frilly, you should really try experimenting with slip dresses and camisoles. They are light and full of movement and flattering to most figures. As a matter of fact, the chances are that you already have a few pieces like this in wardrobe, since they are perennial staples.Take a time-traveling trip back to the early 1990s and wear a t-shirt or baby tee under a slip dress. Or, layer your summer look by placing a camisole over a dressy top for a whole new look for both pieces. Either way, you will avoid the issue that most girls have with slip dresses and camis – a visible bra.
  7. Buy Adjustable Rings
    As summer approaches, you may notice that your favorite rings just aren’t fitting like they used to. And, no, you did not gain weight, and, no, they are not shrinking! The truth is that everyone’s fingers swell in the summer heat, especially in areas with high humidity. This means that a ring that fit perfectly in the morning before work may get super tight as the day passes.You can avoid this hassle by purchasing only adjustable rings from the start. These rings either have a gap in their bands or stretch so they can be adjusted for all-day comfort.

These seven fashion hacks for summer will come in handy whether you are taking a walk around your local park, or touring the south of France! Just remember that not all of these suggestions are for everyone, so use what you can and then pass on the wisdom! Do you have any fashion hacks for summer? Let me know in the comments below.

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