Why is a Pepperoni Pizza so special?

Pepperoni Pizza

One thing is crystal clear, Pizza is the staple meal for whole of America. And when surveyed about which particular pizza is the order of all time, turns out Pepperoni wins the race! The ingredients of a classic Pepperoni pizza combine to offer a high in fat and calories meal. However, creative renditions can actually redefine the potential health aspects.

The basic ingredients of a savvy Pepperoni pizza are as follows:
a) Crust
b) Sauce
c) Cheese
d) Meat – Pepperoni

Let’s discuss each of the elements individually to get a better idea about what makes this pizza so special that all of America loves it ?

Number 1: Crust

Without the crust, there ain’t no pizza. And with the flour, there ain’t no crust.
Are we clear?
To prepare the bread, flour is needed because it contains Gluten (which is very important), a protein compound present in wheat, that traps CO2, thus making the bread rise. Generally, to prepare a pizza crust, white flour is used. However, if you proceed with wheat flour, you can definitely achieve a healthier output. Wheat flour contains more of protein and fiber as compared to white flour. This is because the husk of wheat is not removed during milling.
Pepperoni Pizza crust doughGenerally, yeast is used to achieve the fluffy, airy texture. In fact, your nearest grocery store might actually offer you yeast which is particularly tailored for pizza base. However, you can work with any kind of baking yeast.

Number 2: Meaty, Juicy Pepperoni

Pepperoni Pizza just meatPepperoni is meat with high fat content. Traditional Pepperoni is made from cured Beef and/or Pork meat. However lately, Chicken and Turkey Meat are also being considered.
Basically, Pepperoni is nothing but amalgamation of meats, processed into a tube and then further sliced into thin, round disks. Let’s say it’s the American version of Salami. Pepperoni is one of the most delicious and traditional pizza toppings.

Number 3: The Effervescent, Gooey Cheese

Cheese is a great source for fat and sodium. Your Pepperoni pizza will definitely be loaded with an adequate proportion of cheese, into which those exotic pepperoni disks will be consumed. Case in point, you can always reduce the fat and calorie content by choosing a partially skimmed, low moisture Mozzarella cheese. Skimmed cheese is low on fat compared to the regular Cheddar cheese, irrespective of the brand you choose.
Pepperoni Pizza parm cheeseIn case you wish to prepare a pepperoni pizza at home, you should be mindful and not opt for cheese that says “fat free”. Such self-proclaiming cheese do not melt and that is something you don’t want.

Number 4: Taste-bud Tickling Pizza Sauce

Last thing that I would want to discuss here is the special pizza sauce. Depending on the recipe followed, the sauce may contain little or no fat. The major constituent of the sauce are tomatoes, and as you might be aware of, tomatoes are fat free, naturally! Likewise, the spices involved in the preparation of pizza sauce are also fat free, naturally! Spices thus involved in preparation of pizza sauce are onion powder, oregano, basil and different forms of pepper.
Pepperoni Pizza crust and sauce

Stay tuned for more mindful write ups on pizza and its constituent elements! Time for you to place an online order and grab a slice of an exotic Pepperoni Pizza!


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