Thinking Thrifty When Converting Your Camper

Thinking Thrifty When Converting Your Camper

When you decide to invest in your very own campervan you instantly have many beneficial factors that are going to be useful over the upcoming years. Campervans are the perfect investment for those who are keen on travelling and want to explore the world via the open road. There are many misconceptions that campervans are very expensive and will leave you with an empty wallet, but this isn’t the case at all. Whilst there are certain expenses that need to be considered to ensure your camper is durable and high quality, there are lots of different ways to save whilst converting your camper, which will still result in a stylish home from home for you to travel in!

Reasonable and Realistic Budgeting

It’s the most common mistake when converting a camper, with many people starting their projects with no budget in mind and slowly coming to a point where the money has run out but you’re still only half way through your conversion. Before you begin your camper conversion, think about the realistic budget you can work with, giving yourself plenty to work with, without having to worry about breaking the bank. This budgeting will instantly help you to make the right choices, as well as giving you that extra push to think a little harder about what your camper needs and what you’d simply like it to have. Once you have spent on your basics, you can look at your remaining figure and add a little personal character to the vehicle, or use your left-over budget for some much-needed fuel for your first adventure.

Upcycle Current Features

There’s a very popular trend making its way through the interior industry and that is upcycling. Whether it’s the old oak sideboard or a worn-out coffee table, people are saving themselves money and upcycling old furniture, making it look as good as new. The same applies for your camper, with many features that can be transformed from looking tired and worn into a shiny new feature that bursts with character. One of the most popular features to upcycle within the campervan is the seating. Seating in a camper is essential, especially when you’re travelling with a group, as you want to ensure you have comfort throughout your trip. If your current seats have worn fabric or the odd stain, give them a new look by replacing the current fabrics and materials with brand new upholstery. There is no doubt that your camper will instantly look fresh and new the moment you make a change like this, and you’ll also notice that your seats feel that little bit better when you’re sitting on them. Another great feature to upcycle is your cabinets. The cabinets in a camper can often take up the majority of the space, which means they’ll also have the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of the vehicle. Giving your cabinets a fresh lick of paint is a great way of transforming your cupboards and giving them a fresh burst of character. You could also look at adding some stylish detailing such as shiny new handles and pulls to enhance the new look you’ve opted for.

Do It Yourself!

If you really want to save yourself some money and cut back on ridiculous expenses when converting your camper, then opting to do some DIY will really benefit you. Whilst you may not feel comfortable with larger projects, there are all kinds of small changes you can make to your camper that will save you a surprising amount of money. Start by tackling areas that you think look dull or past it, as this will help to brighten the camper and give it a fresh look. Whether it’s changing the current flooring material, replacing your campervan curtains for a stylish new material or simple changes such as replacing the current handles throughout, installing a swanky new sink and tap or adding a camper heater, you can really make a difference and cut back on your costs. You often find that half of the cost ends up going on labour and work time, so by cutting out the middle man, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money whilst learning a thing or two at the same time!

Shop Around First

Many people like to impulse buy, which can sometimes be beneficial, but more often than not can actually result in you spending more money than you needed too. When it comes to buying products for your camper, it’s important to look around and see what’s available before taking the plunge, especially with pricier items. If you’re looking at branded items, you’ll often find that there are a number of sites that stock this product and each site will have their own offers and sales at different points of the year. By looking around, you may find yourself a bargain and find that WAECO domestic fridge is 20% cheaper on one site than it is on the other. Whilst you may only find the odd small saving, these savings will add up over time and result in you having more money to spend on additional items that weren’t always necessary beforehand!


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