Common Misconceptions about Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease man on bench alone

Most of us just vaguely know that Alzheimer’s is a dreaded disease that can have severe repercussions on your lifestyle and that it is somehow related to age, but nothing more than that. However, there are many dimensions to Alzheimer’s disease, and a lot many myths surrounding it. Some common myths debunked:

Only Aged Persons Are Afflicted with Alzheimer’s

While it is true that a majority of people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are 65 years of age or over, it is not unknown among young people. Even persons who are just in their 20s have been found to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Around 5% of the people with the disease are in their 50s or younger. Many experts believe that the percentage reported is so low because most people who are actually suffering from it do not get diagnosed because their doctors do not think that people who are young or in their mid-lives could be suffering from it, and tend to attribute symptoms like forgetfulness to stress. There is some evidence that early onset of the disease may be due to genetic reasons.

The Symptoms Associated with Alzheimer’s Are Normal Part of Growing Old

As you grow old, it is quite normal to suffer from a certain degree of memory loss, however forgetfulness to a degree that it starts interfering with your quality of life is certainly not a part of normal aging For example, you may forget where you kept your car keys but if you forget the way to your office, home or a familiar place, it could be indicative of a problem of a much more serious nature. Alzheimer’s takes a heavy toll on the brain, making it progressively difficult for the person to think rationally, talk or even eat as a consequence of mental disorientation.

Alzheimer’s Is Not Fatal

People suffering from Alzheimer’s averagely live for only 8-10 years after diagnosis, and today the disease is one of the prime reasons of death in America. With the progression of the disease, you can have not only severe forgetfulness regarding eating or drinking on time but you can also suffer from swallowing and breathing problems, not to speak of straying into potentially fatal situations. Take a look at the author choice of some of the most common causes of death of those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

It Is Possible to Arrest the Progression of Alzheimer’s

While certain symptomatic treatment is available, currently there is no effective treatment for stopping or slowing down the onset of the disease. There are only five medicines that have been approved by the FDA to treat the symptoms of the disease and they might assist the patient to have better control over mental processes like thinking, language skills, memory, and a few behavioral aspects, however even if they do work, the relief that one can expect to get is purely temporary. There are no diets or supplements that have been clinically found to be effective in countering Alzheimer’s.

The Cause of Alzheimer’s Is Aspartame, Aluminum, Silver Filling or Flu Shots

All the above have been touted as causes of Alzheimer’s from time to time; unfortunately, these theories are unfounded and have not been proved scientifically.


Regretfully, even after years of research, it has not been proved what causes Alzheimer’s and how it may be treated. There are indications that the dreaded disease could be the result of a combination of lifestyle, environment, preexisting health conditions, and genetics, however, there are no clear answers as yet.


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