Tips on Purchasing Diamond Ornaments From Fine Jewelry Manufacturers

Fine Jewelry Manufacturers diamond

When shopping for a jewelry item, considering the make is integral. You must make sure that the ornament is manufactured from a reputed jewelry maker. This helps in assuring you about the quality of the jewelry items.

Temple and Grace is one of the UK’s most reputed jewellers for buying wedding rings online. In a brief interview with the head of jewellery design, we learnt a few important facts about diamond jewelry. There are different materials used for manufacturing ornaments and jewelry pieces. Diamond is one of the most popular and precious gemstones to be used for the jewelry manufacturing purpose. But, you need to be careful while shopping for diamond jewelry. There are different quality variants available for the diamond gemstone. The value of a diamond depends on 4 primary factors:

  1. Color
  2. Cutting
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat

The Coloring

Diamonds, when picked from the mines, are usually colorless (transparent). They are polished to provide that ultimate shine. In fact, there are certain chemicals used to color the diamonds in different shades, be it pink, orange, green, or yellow.

The Cutting

Diamonds don’t have any specific shape. They are basically a form of carbon and extracted from coal mines. Post polishing, they are cut and given the typical shape (mostly round or cubic). It is the cutting that would determine how well the diamond would look. It is the cutting that plays a crucial role in determining the popularity of this precious gemstone in the market.

The Clarity

Fine jewelry manufacturers not only emphasize strongly on the cutting of these gemstones, but also on enhancing their clarity. They employ the best of procedures to enhance the appearance of the diamonds and make them totally flawless. Thus, the clarity of these gemstones is improved to make their appearance more stunning.

The Carat

Diamond’s weight is measured in Carat. The weight is basically described in fractional or decimal parts of carat. When selling diamond jewelry items, the retailer must explain two things, in regard to diamond’s weight:

  1. The weight mentioned is approximate and not an exact (since there are fractional parts involved) one
  2. The weight tolerance factor is used for every fraction

Imitating The Diamond

There are several gemstones available in the market that resemble diamond in a great way. They have a similar appearance like that of the diamond, but are available at a lower price range. One of the most common imitation diamond gemstones is the cubic zirconia. Also, there are lab-created gemstones that resemble diamonds closely. Therefore, you need to be very careful while shopping for diamond jewelry items. Ask the shopkeeper to test the diamond using special testing equipment to ensure whether it’s genuine or lab-created.

To ensure a better purchase deal, you must discuss the different diamond grades, with the salesperson. Learn about the institutes or centers that grade their diamonds. Also, learn about the guarantees being offered on grading. Always opt for a second opinion, if possible. Always ask for the original gemological certificate for the diamond jewelry piece, from the store.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is a gemstone specialist and ornament designer. You can go through her fashion blog posts on


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