How Window Plantation Shutters Enhance the Beauty of Your House

Window Plantation Shutters

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to install window plantation shutters in their homes because these shutters do not only enhance the beauty of a home but also add re-sale value to the property. Since these shutters have become everyone’s first choice, most interior designers and decorators choose plantation shutters as window treatment. These window coverings make an elegant addition to every style of interior design and so these plantation shutters are considered best for window coverings. You can have each and every kind of plantation shutters custom-built and fit in your home. Moreover, these shutters are available in affordable price and can be fit even if your windows are of unusual shape.

Tips to Decorate Your House with Window Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a versatile window treatment that can improve architectural look of your home. However, there are many things to consider when installing plantation shutters for windows. There are numerous ways to decorate your home with window plantation shutters. Now we will discuss some of the tips that will help you make your home look gorgeous using plantation shutters.

  • Window location: Sometimes, you may find plantation shutters as an expensive choice; hence, it is very important to determine where to install them. Suppose if you install plantation shutters in one window in your living room, then it is better to install them in all windows in that room to maintain design continuity. Many people prefer window plantation shutters on the entire front of the home as these shutters can be viewed from exterior and interior. This will give a uniform curb appeal. If you cannot afford plantation shutters for all windows, you can combine these shutters with wood blind.
  • Mounting options: Plantation shutters offer installation flexibility. These shutters can be mounted inside or on the outside walls. If space permits, you can install them inside and add decorative trim around shutters to give more gorgeous look. However, if space is an issue then you can mount them on the outside.
  • Shutter type: Window plantation shutters can be manufactured using different types of materials such as hardwood, PVC, hybrid, basswood, polysatin, foamed synthetic, and more. Hardwood shutters are more elegant, sturdy, durable requires minimal maintenance, but they are expensive. Faux wood and polysatin shutters, on the other hand, are more affordable. They are also resistance to water damage, fading, and warping.
  • Color selection: Though you might think white color is most suitable for plantation shutters, it can be painted with other colors to fit rest of the home decor. You can color it with blue, brown, pink, or any other color or even jazz it up with rainbow color. Whatever color you need or suits your room better, apply that color to plantation shutters.

Window Plantation Shutters line up

  • Draping options: After installing window plantation shutters, if you feel you can still intensify the look little more, then drapes are the perfect solution. Decorating plantation shutters with drapes will make your room look more occupied along with the addition of grace and style.
  • Foldability: You can make plantation shutters more exciting by changing the way they open. They can be opened from the center or bi-fold from one side easily. Hinged shutters take more space as they open out on the main hinges. The choice between hinged and bi-fold mainly depends on the space you have.
  • Adding decorative look: You can use decorative ornaments such as cornice around the top of window to avoid the plain look of plantation shutters. These decorative materials can be removed easily whenever you need.

All in all, no doubt window plantation shutters are attractive and improve interior as well as exterior of any home. You can’t go wrong by selecting plantation shutters as window treatments because they complement every home decor. Moreover, they give a neat and cohesive look throughout the home.


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