The Activities That Could Be Harming Your Hearing

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Most of us are keen to live an active lifestyle. After all, we want our bodies to be fit and healthy. We want to make sure we can continue to enjoy doing the things we love no matter how old we get. Most importantly, we want to avoid the pain, challenge, and loss of mobility that ill health can cause. But is there a danger that we’re risking our hearing? There are plenty of activities that we do every day that could certainly pose a risk. Be aware of the dangers, and you could prevent hearing difficulties in the future:


One of the best ways to improve fitness and health is to run. You might reduce your weight, improve your circulation, and beat serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Running outdoors also provides the added benefit of vitamin D from the natural daylight, and plenty of cool, fresh air to aid your breathing. The risk to your hearing occurs when you run through noisy, heavy traffic. You might turn the volume up on your headphones. This can be dangerous! Not only will you not be able to hear things around you, but the continued use of high-volume music in your ear can cause damage.


Fixing things, building things, and the odd picture hanging can help fill a weekend with fun activities. However, if you use power tools, you should be wary about the noise you’re making. Not only could this be annoying your neighbors, but prolonged use could be harming your family’s hearing. The decibel level of drilling into masonry is often much higher than safe levels. You should consider using ear defenders, and invite your family to move away from the works.

Nightclubs and Gigs

If you love a night out in a club or bar, chances are you enjoy the freedom of having a dance or two. The trouble is, music at venues like this can often be dangerously loud. If you have been drinking alcohol, your perception of that sound could be dampened, but that won’t reduce the risk of hearing damage. If your ears are feeling wooly when you step outside, chances are you’ve exposed them to excess noise. If you’re worried about accumulated damage over time, speak to a doctor of audiology who can test your hearing. These specialists can offer advice for hearing protection.

Hearing night club

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If you love making music, then your hearing could be at risk. Gigging musicians in particular rarely have much choice in the volume of music they can be exposed to. If you belong to a musician’s association or union, it might be worth speaking to them for advice about how to protect yourself. This is your workplace and your livelihood after all. Every other employee is protected by Health and Safety laws at work.

No matter how carefully you look after your body, it’s important you also protect your hearing. If it’s part of your passion in life or even your sole income, you must take steps to ensure your safety. Take care, quietly.


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