Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products and their Benefits

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning floor
  • The Importance of keeping hardwood floors clean

Home flooring these days is extensively being found to be made of hardwood. This is because hardwood floors are good at adding elegance and beauty to any home. The wood that is used in any flooring can basically be of two main types and they are engineered wood and solid wood.

Solid wood contains planks that are milled from one single piece of wood. This type of flooring is not very common among households because the planks or the long and single pieces of wood are sure to bend and wrap with the passage of time. In engineered wood, planks of thin size are segmented from wood.

These planks can never be used in their original being because of their thin size. Therefore, they are made straight by compressing and joining more planks on top of them. The engineered wood flooring is one of the most common floorings among households all round the world. They can be laid very easily because of the fact that they are available in laminated or pre-finished form. Hard wood floors always require extra care and maintenance in comparison to carpets.

Therefore, it is very important for you to have a basic idea about cleaning your hardwood floors. But before starting with the process of cleaning your hardwood floor, you must try and find out the type of floor that you possess for your home.

If you possess a new sealed floor then you will have to put in less effort in caring for it, but for old floors involved care is required with the use of oils and waxes. Some of the most important tips to Clean Hardwood Floors have been provided below:

  • Vacuum frequently

The first thing that you should do to get completely Clean Hardwood Floors in to vacuum the floors frequently is completely okay if you vacuum the floors once in a week’s time, but if you have got enough time, then the vacuuming can be done more than once. Hardwood floors never tend to lose their luster and shine within a day as it takes a while and vacuuming always helps in preventing this condition.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning mop

  • Avoid the use of vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors

There are people who recommend the use of water and vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors. They are of the view that water and vinegar help in maintaining the shine and the gleam of hardwood floors. But it is a very bad and an incorrect thing to do for cleaning hardwood floors. Vinegar dries hardwood and makes it lose its gleam and its shine with time.

 If you want to use something for cleaning your hardwood floors use tea bags and hot water. Here is the process how they work in hardwood flooring. First, you need to boil water and then drop two to four tea bags into the boiled water. Again boil it for a few minutes. Then store the tea in a bucket.

Make use of a towel or a rag, immerse it in the bucket containing the tea and wring it out until it is damp. Use this damp rag or towel for wiping the floor first and then make use of a mop for cleaning the floor. This will help the floor in recovering its shine.

  • Wax or polish

Off course, waxing and polishing is not the best way to clean hardwood floors, it’s just a way of improving the appearance. This is how to clean hardwood floors and make it shine after mopping and cleaning. Be careful not to do too much waxing that will lead to additional expenses when trying to remove it.

Cleaning hardwood floor is good, but it will be better if you take regular precautionary measures that will leave it shiny, clean and dirt free. The best way to clean hardwood floors with caution is to make use of entryway rugs so people can dust off dirt before they step on your floor. Buff and sweep your floor regularly with soft bristle broom and clean up any water spills immediately. Careful with those high heels and heavy shoes and please do cut those long nails on your pet to prevent permanent dents and scratches.

Clean Hardwood Floors regularly to keep them shining forever.

Cleaning is known to add great beauty and elegance to your home as well as great value. Many people go for the purchase of homes that have hardwood flooring because hardwood flooring is something that work as a finishing touch to the beauty and the charm of your house.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning boards

However, it is very important that you Clean Hardwood Floors on a regular basis in order to keep them new and shining for a long span of time. The most useful procedures that can be tried out in keeping hardwood floors gleaming for a long time have been enumerated below:

  • Try keeping moisture away from hardwood floors

The very first step that should be taken in keeping your hardwood floors looking great is to try keeping moisture away from such floors. Moisture damage is one of the biggest concerns and problems living with hardwood flooring. This not only means accidents and spills but even humidity levels. You must ensure that you do not have excessive moisture or humidity around hardwood flooring. If you possess a home that has crawl space that you must ensure that the crawl space is dry. Moisture can result in the shifting and the warping of floors made from hardwood. Therefore, you want to save on the money that you might have to spend in future for the maintenance and the replacement of your hardwood flooring, you should make sure the humidity levels are low in the rooms.

  • Immediately clean up spills

Spills on hardwood floors should be cleaned immediately because such floors can immediately get stained and it would become practically impossible to fix the stains. This step is very important to be carried out if you possess pets. If you are away from home and have kept your pet at home, take extra care to ensure that no accidents occur while you are out of home. Once such floors get damaged or stained, it becomes very tough to keep them clean and shiny.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning room

  • Use Natural Products for cleaning hardwood floors

You should always make use of natural products for cleaning and mopping your hardwood floors. Natural products do not contain chemicals and they help in keeping the beauty and the luster of hardwood floors intact for a very long span of time. Make the choice of products that are olive oil based or even wax-based.

  • Use Perfumed, Oil or Wax Floor Cleaners

A misconception among people is that a very dull and pale polyurethane finish is restored to hardwood flooring by the use of floor cleaners and this result in the loss of the original shine of such flooring. This is completely untrue. You can always use floor cleaners of good quality for cleaning hardwood floors as they never leave residues onto the floor. Wax or oil based floor cleaners can readily be used for keeping the shine of hardwood floors intact. Never make use of water or vinegar for cleaning such floors because they are considered to be the worst enemies of hardwood floors.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning child playing

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products and their Benefits

It is better to use hardwood floors as they don’t stain easily and they are durable. If you will compare rug, then you can say that it is not a good product to use just for a great look.  Wood floors give a great look to the house and make the great interior. They can be used easily and can be moved on requirement this is the thing that has made them very popular in the current era. Modern house owners prefer using such floors in order to avoid daily cleaning. You might have seen people cleaning hardwood floors by various means, but due to unawareness of natural hardwood floor cleaning products they harm the floor and it start looking dull.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning mop clean

If you will be using dark color floors that, of course quite common in hardwood floors you might  have observed that it shows everything with its shine, here everything relates to the pet hairs, dust particles and dirt. You might have tried many products before this to clean, but have not succeeded in cleaning the floor well. The problem occurs when you know the way of cleaning, but it won’t work, even if it works it harms your costly floors. The solution for this is to use the natural products available in the market.

Now, you might be thinking to use vinegar, as you might have heard about it from somewhere, but it is not the solution because the sole use of vinegar can harm the floor shine. So, in order to get rid of this entire situation you can use multipurpose cleaner it can help you in solving all your problems. Even if you are using mop made of microfiber instead of traditional mopping, this is also good to use. Use of natural soap is also recommended with the water while mopping but microfiber mop is an essential element as it will not consume huge amount of water, you can also use a tablespoon of vinegar but not more than that while mopping.

Few people use Swiffer mop that is considered as one of the best products for cleaning the floors, apart from this you can try using mop that is made up of rubber, rubber mops is also a quite popular product that helps in cleaning it well. But it should be a good rubber mop an ordinary one can damage your floor, so it is better to read reviews of the rubber mop before buying it.

Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaning hand clean

Another option for cleaning hardwood floors is cloths that are made of microfiber they are available in the market and they are also good products to use while cleaning your hardwood floors. I have heard about the good results with the shark steam, it is a kind of mop that is quite popular all over the world for cleaning the hardwood floors.  You can also use some natural oils available in the market. It is better to use branded products bought from some reputed stores as they can be trusted by others as well.


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