Tips for cleaning ceramic tile floors

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The best methods for cleaning ceramic tile

Old or new, you may have a great method for ensuring that your ceramic tile flooring lasts you a long time and this is simply by cleaning ceramic tile. Under this chore, you can do things like sweeping, mopping, using mats, as well as doing heavy cleaning so that your floors are always clean and pristine. In relation to mats, when you place mats in strategic places like putting them on the doorway, you can keep dirt from coming in to your home. You also have to shake these mats out often. By using mats, you also reduce the wear and tear on your tile floors.

Cleaning ceramic tile through sweeping is a must daily because dirt can easily adhere to the surfaces of ceramic tile. You might have a floor with a textured surface and if you sweep the floor, you can loosen and remove a big percentage of the dirt from your floor. Once a week, you can also use a vacuum cleaner for giving your floor a more thorough sweep. A tip to remember with using vacuum cleaners is to use one that doesn’t have a beater bar as this will easily scratch and dull your tiles.

As for cleaning tile through mopping, how to clean your floors would entail a damp mop. You have to make use of cleaning products that are manufactured for cleaning ceramic tile, otherwise, you won’t be able to clean your floors thoroughly or you might damage the integrity and beauty of your floors. You also have to ensure that you take special care with dealing with tile grout. If you have a heavier soil to deal with, you can spot clean your floor using a clean cloth or a sponge with the recommended cleaners.

Under heavy cleaning, mild scrubbing using a soft brush is good enough for textured tiles. When you finish cleaning with mild detergent, rinse your floors with warm water. That will take care of the residue. You also have to dry your tiles with a clean towel for the utmost care. You can go with cleaning products like those that take care of hard water deposits, soap scum and mildew stains for a better looking tile floors. Always read the instructions through when you’re using cleaners and equipment for your tiles. Rinse your floor with clean water and wipe it dry to affect a sparkling shine when cleaning ceramic tile.

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Simple techniques for cleaning ceramic tile floors

When cleaning ceramic tile floors, you have to make use of products specifically manufactured for tiles. It’s only with the right materials and cleaners that you can be effective in getting complete cleanliness where none of the dirt, virus, bacteria or dust will escape you. In some ways, the best products and the best techniques for cleaning tile will result in floors clean enough to boast to your neighbors! You also get the obvious advantage of having a sense of satisfaction and a bigger sense of fulfillment living in a nice home with clean floors.

┬áIf you have tile floors in your home, one way of ensuring they’re clean is to make sure that the grout is sealed. Sealed grout take a little more work off the entire process of cleaning ceramic tile floors. As for your ceramic tiles, it’s also best to get them glazed so that both the grout and the tile are sealed and it will be easier for you to keep your floors clean. When tile floors, make sure that you wet the floors first before applying cleaner. Also, keep the floor wet during the cleaning process.

For cleaning ceramic tile floors, deep clean style, you can scrub your floors with the use of an electric floor washer and a commercial floor cleaner powder. Simply mix this in a gallon of water and you’re ready to go. As an alternative, you can clean your ceramic floors with a solution of one or two tablespoons of Borax or a quarter cup of detergent with low suds. Just as it is with cleaning other things, a great tip you have to follow is you have to rinse your floors out and wipe them dry when you’re done cleaning the tiles with cleaner.

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Remember that cleaning the grout is also a bit part of cleaning your tile floor. Never ever use a sponge mop for cleaning tile. This will only push dirt further into the grout. With deep seeded dirt in the grout, your floors will be utterly ruined. Before you get down to cleaning with water and a solution, you have to vacuum your floor first. Using a micro fiber mop and warm water, you can go ahead and clean your floors. You won’t have to worry about pushing dirt into the grout. Cleaning ceramic tile floors is pretty simple and it takes very little effort to maintain tile.

How to clean ceramic tile floors using vinegar

Clean ceramic tile floors are easy to come by. You don’t even need to purchase a tile cleaner or any specialized solution. Using vinegar, you can accomplish so much for the maintenance and the beauty of your tile floors. For this particular chore, you’re going to need vinegar, a vacuum, two buckets, water, a soft cloth, toothbrush, a stiff bristled brush, dry towels, rubber gloves and maybe one cup measuring cup. Prep up for cleaning your floors by removing all the furniture and obstructions in the room to ensure that you clean the whole floor of the room. Having removed the obstructions, you can start to clean your floors.

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First, vacuum the whole area out to remove any debris and loose dirt from the floor. After a few passes on your ceramic tile, you can be sure that your floor is relatively clean. To complete the chore, you need to fill one of your buckets with clean water. For the other bucket, you’re going to mix the vinegar solution there. You only need a cup of vinegar to work as your floor cleaner. You then mix this with a gallon of clean warm water to clean the ceramic tile floors.

Begin to clean ceramic tile floors in the farthest corner of the room. You work your way through the whole room in small sections. Just as you would with marble, use the soft cloth dipped in the vinegar solution to clean the tile. For a more intensive cleaning which you would need to do with the grout; use the toothbrush to brush around the side of the tiles on your floor. Once you’ve succeeded in loosening out the dirt on the tile and on the sides of the tile, you can wipe the vinegar solution from the floor, this time with clean water. To clean the tile floors, you’re going to need another soft cloth.

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You’re almost at the end of the process and you just have to wipe your ceramic floors dry with the towel. Since you are working in sections, all you have to do is repeat the process by section. When you’ve done this in one section, you can go on and move to the next area of the floor until the whole floor has been treated with the vinegar solution, scrubbed and dried. You can take a rest when the entire floor is done. As soon as the floors dry, you are about done to clean the floors and that’s left to do is to return the furniture in the room. For clean ceramic tile floors, you don’t really have to buy floor cleaners. Using vinegar, you can clean your floors out.

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