Home Decor Hacks: DIY Your Ways To Designer Summer Decor

Summer Decor painting with roller

Summer is here, but your house doesn’t seem to have experienced the change that your body is living already. SO unfair. Your abode deserves to be given a chance to feel the change in the air and look worked upon by no less than a designer. Well, don’t get scared by the word ‘designer’. You won’t require one. With a little help from us you can do it yourself. Just read on to get inspired for a designer summer decor of your house. Read further…

Travel back in time with Florals

The flower patterns are often associated with an era gone by. But imagine them in your house, won’t that be too much in sync with summers. So what are the best place to have floral designs – the answer is any place is the best place. Bedsheets, throw pillow, windows and more. Or the floral patterns can be painted on the walls and furniture. Floral wallpaper can also be used.

Paint those plates bright

If one has an inclination and a creative bend, then transforming a plain plate into something vibrant is easy and fun. Think of any vintage floral design, paint it and turn your plain plate into a piece of art that can be flaunted in front of the family and friends. You would require white porcelain plates, porcelain paint thinner, thin paintbrush, paint in a variety of colors and a paint palette.


An eco-system developed inside a partially closed container is one of the most beckoned by decorators and homemakers. Purchasing is not the only option. You can make it yourself with a terrarium singapore diy kit. In case you decide to do-it-yourself, don’t think it is a hassle. All the instructions are provided and the material supplied too is of the highest quality.

Copper lighting

Copper lighting, the trend is still in the limelight. The bonus of using copper lighting is that it gels well with summer as well as winter season. So, though you may decide to install it in summers, it won’t look out of sync in winters.

A Pom Pom Rug

Place in front of the bathroom or the entryway, a pom pom is one craft piece no one can ignore.  Your baby girl (if you have any) will love it in her room. With some little effort a large rug can be made for the living room area. Only a few things would be required – a rug pad, yarns in different colors, toilet paper tubes and scissors.

Frame picture frames

Think of alternatives to make those pictures stand out with the frames. We have one for you. Use tapes of different colors. It’s the simplest thing you can do. Just paste the pictures on the wall. Stick tape on all sides of the picture so that they look like framed from a distance.

Pendant light

These lights are often mistaken for chandeliers. A light fixture is hanged down from the ceiling with chain, cord or metal rod. They can be hung anywhere – from bathrooms to living rooms, from kitchen to dinner table, and so on. Pendants can be in any material – metal, concrete, glass or plastic. New models are energy saving and come with multiple incandescent  or long fluorescent bulbs. Prefer an odd number over an even number when installing pendant lighting. Look in the thrift stores. You may find a vintage stuff that can be transformed and made to look expensive and one-of-its-kind in your house.

Cover the post with fabric

Use outdoor fabric pieces to wrap your tiny pots. Play with colors. There is no need to follow a single design. Just make sure its colorful. The decor will speak itself of the season. A pot thus decorated would depict a traditional craft with folk art feel. The stripes of fabric are easy to clean as well, not like acrylic paint that can wither off. Take waterproof glue, plastic planter apart from the outdoor fabric in different colors.

Paint the bottles

Put these to use rather than throwing them into the bin. Plant them in colors that can add spark to the place they are placed. The hot favorite colors include hot pink, coral, red, bright yellow and green. Though blue and tangerine are not bad either. Before painting, dip the bottles in hot water to remove all the glue and labels. Dry. Pour a few tablespoons of paint into them. Roll to evenly distribute the paint. Drain the extra paint. Dry and here you have your very own painted bottle which can be exhibited of your choice.

Believe us, these diy hacks will look done by some designer. So work on them and get all the compliments for your house.

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Kendal Smith is a freelance blogger. Being a home maker too, she loves blogging on home decor, home improvement and home maintenance.


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