Designing the Perfect Rustic Themed Kitchen

Kitchen design with rustic wood

Source – Miserv

Have you ever envied the simple life but always found yourself caught up in the moment of the hectic post-modern lifestyle? The fast pace of everyday living has jumbled your mindset, and you care more about the ease of use for things rather than substance. Apart from the living room, the kitchen is where most of the time in the home is spent. Modern kitchen decor goes for the sleek but simple, dull or neutral color scheme. This is a safe style route, doesn’t upset a lot of people, but it’s relatively cheap and doesn’t spin heads. But have you ever wanted the room to be a little more homely and warm? A cozy, rustic kitchen, with the smell of wood filling the room and stirring up your appetite, it could be the one for you.

Dark wood and maroon

The floor planks should be widened so the feel of the floor beneath the soles of your feet is that of a heavy duty farm house. Equally, you could replace the current floor with a rustic brown or pale peach Saltillo tile design. Timber architecture brings to life the theme of a traditional yet ornate kitchen. A wooden ceiling beam could be erected, running like a vein, straight through the center of the room. Replace the material of the cabinets with a time-worn wooden, preferably from a lighter wood as the doors shouldn’t become too heavy.  

Kitchen stone fireplace

Credit – Miserv

Fire and stone

A splash of stone would be an amazing pop of a different material and a great texture parallel to contrast the rest of the room. A great feature would be to install a fireplace hearth or plainly cover one wall with a large river rock. Carrying the theme of wood further, the fireplace shouldn’t be gaslighted or electric; it would defame the rest of the room and break the recurring theme you’ve worked so hard to implement. Burning wood for heat is very cost efficient if you know what you’re doing. ( You can buy Oak and general wood logs at your local home equipment store quite easily. Consider pairing the rock in the wall with a stone material for the countertops, such as a granite smoothened slab. For the essence, choose the rock in a form which doesn’t have a high sheen quality as this again would go against the rustic feel.

Modern accessories

If an entirely wood and stone kitchen is a little too daring for your style and you crave some kind of element that would break up the aesthetic with a modern twist, here are some ideas. For the lighting, you could look around to find either ceramic or titanium lamp shades in a dull gray. Equally, to contrast a modern light fixture you could swap out wooden stools for stainless steel designs with black cushions. The rustic kitchen is a mark of a smart, confident manner, so don’t go too overboard with the options of cutlery and appliances, that would otherwise break invariably up the mood. As much as you can, incorporate the use of cast iron pots and pans. The deep black works well with the dark wood around the kitchen.


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