5 Brainy Ideas for a Healthy and Fun Summer

Fun Summer ideas

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Summer is here! The last days of school are looming close, are you worrying? Some worry about the lazy hazy summer days. It’s not just the weather or what to do with the kids all day, every day. It about the kids hanging too loose for comfort; what if they forget everything they learned at school? Summer days are for fun, frolic and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean your kids have to stop learning. You can create learning opportunities to give them a healthy and fun summer. Looking for brainy ideas for the summer? Here are five awesome ones:

Decide Menus and Then Inform

This is the epitome of brainy and fun idea to do this summer. You can do this activity with third graders and above. Let them come up with a menu for one day in the week. It could be a lunch or a dinner. They don’t have to cook it, that could be labor intensive and also dangerous for the young ones. The brainy part about this activity is to base the menu on a culture. Then research and find out interesting fun facts about that culture. The kids can “show and tell” while the food is being served and make a fun evening of it!

Grocery Store Trips on a Budget

Speaking of cooking, coming up with a menu also involves what ingredients to buy. It doesn’t matter if you get groceries on a weekly or monthly basis, regardless, this is an easy task. You can involve your kids to make a list for the week. Older kids can find monthly lists more brainy. Either way, let me know your budget and involve them in this activity from start, to finish. This is a fun way to put their learning into practice. Let them hone their math skills, multitasking and prioritizing skills to play.

Schedule Screen Time Together

Screens have such a hypnotizing effect. Doesn’t matter if it is the phone, the television of the tablet. They are not easy to turn down and that’s why you need to schedule screen time in the summer too. Don’t make the decision alone, though. Involve your kids when it comes to scheduling screen time, it is a sensitive matter. The brainy part is to come up with the screen time. The fun part would be to come up with alternatives for the no-screen times. Can they put up a play for the family? How about working on the garden or repurpose old furniture using crafts and art? The options are endless.

Coordinate Trips with Family

What is your family most passionate about? If you are hiking enthusiasts or anything on the lines of a physical activity then this is a great idea for you.  Physical activity is a great way to improve brain function, boost learning memory and stay fit and healthy. This is also a nice way to engage the family and get everybody working on the same goal. Plan a hiking trip together, go shopping for the gear, make sure everyone has everything they need, assign leaders and delegate responsibilities.

Family Fun, Brainy Game Nights

This is a classic brainy idea for a healthy and fun summer. It is so timeless that you may want to continue doing this on a regular basis all year long! You can host games nights with strategy games to get everyone thinking on their toes. If your teen is a Game of Thrones fan, now there is a monopoly game based on the book. Game nights are always exciting, with thinking out of the box situations, good food, and cheer.

What are other brainy ideas to make it a healthy and fun vacation? Comment here.

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