9 Great Tips To Preserve Your Vehicle’s Aftersales Value

Vehicle’s Aftersales Value orange bmw

Preserving your vehicle’s worth may seem like a strenuous task, but the reality is, it is not. You only need to have a keen eye and be mindful of the following small tips and tricks:

  1. Don’t just focus on the exterior or your car’s engine, the interior shall be properly taken care of. You can protect your vehicle’s seats by installing seat covers. Though most experts recommend leather seat covers, but it’s better to go with their synthetic version. They not only cost less, but also offer similar protection from random spills and splashes.
  2. Buyers look for a car that is well taken care of. The odor of cigarettes is a major turn off for most potential buyers. It is wise to never smoke inside the vehicle, as the cigarette’s smell and stains are almost impossible to conceal. However, if you have to, do it with windows down and use a good quality car freshener afterward. If you plan to sell your car, change car mats and seat covers.
  3. Do your best not to park your vehicle in the direct sunlight. The UV rays fade its color. The sunlight also cracks and dries vinyl coating on dash. Always park in shade or use a tarp and protect the dash with polish or wax.
  4. Make sure your vehicle’s mechanics are working best. If anything wears out or breaks down, always buy car parts from a reputed source like co.uk. Never compromise on quality over price. It’s wise to spend a bit more for preserving your vehicle’s worth and have a piece of mind.
  5. You should be proactive and look at national databases of your vehicle, blogs, chat rooms, online discussions on vehicle recalls to find out potential weak or lagging parts in your vehicle.
  6. Whenever possible, ditch your ride and go for Uber or better to go for cycling. Mileage adds up your expenses in gas and vehicle maintenance and seriously down markets its worth. Its best to use your car for longer trips and not for regular grocery shopping, as shorter runs deteriorate the engine much faster.
  7. Never look at the calendar for replacing vital oils and for service, instead look at the odometer. Most people tend to overdrive and come in for service late, relying on the calendar. Also, it is better to get fluids like brake oil, coolant, gear oil, steering oil, air filter, battery water etc. get checked at the time of routine service.
  8. Driving habits pay a major role in determining the age of your vehicle. It is wise to drive maturely and avoid sharp turning, rapid acceleration and sudden brakes. These actions only add unnecessary stress on suspension and steering, decrease engine’s life and increase fuel expenses.

Finally, whatever repair work your vehicle has gone through, save its receipts. Be it a regular oil change, installation of aftermarket accessory or a major overhaul. Receipts are proofs to future owners that the vehicle has been taken care well. It’s wise not to go for flashy aftermarket parts and invest prudently in accessories, as they rarely share the same value for the future owner and return the money that you have spent on them.


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