Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

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A surgical procedure that’s used to rebuild the breast after surgery for breast cancer is known as breast reconstruction. Normally, it’s performed right after the lumpectomy (Leaving disfigured breast) or after the mastectomy (entire breast removal). This procedure has offered many women a chance to regain control over their bodies as well as lives after undergoing the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Breast cancer actually gets the women drowned into depression and lowers their self-esteem that’s why they lose their confidence to keep up with the society.

Once a woman has undergone all the treatments and on her way to recovery, she must give a thought to the breast reconstruction that’s one of the prominent Breast Surgery in UAE. There are numerous benefits of it as well, so let’s dig in;

Revives Proportion and Balance Back to Woman’s Body

If it’s the mastectomy that woman had to undergo while dealing with the breast cancer, she would then have lost her body proportions and feminine contour. Therefore, the Breast Surgery in UAE like Breast Reconstruction, happens to be the best option to get along with as it brings back that entire feminine look, balance, proportion and contour, which makes her feel confident about herself. Moreover, she feels even more comfortable with her clothing and swim suits once again.

Customize to Woman’s Unique Needs

The Breast Surgery in UAE has gone farther than the anticipation. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why there are so many flexibilities being offered by the surgeons in terms of timing and method (but keeping in mind all the medical limitations). The term flexibilities here indicate that the plastic surgeons can now perform these procedures as per the specific needs and desired outcomes for every patient. The ability to customize the procedures here means that women can now get the results they are looking for.

Permanent Results

Women are often ambiguous about whether they should go for such treatment or not and many even think that it produces temporary results. Mainly, the breast reconstruction surgery is either performed either by using the synthetic implants or women’s own tissues. For sure, it offers natural that makes woman feel confident about her. These procedures provide the long term and permanent results that actually eliminates the need for additional surgery in future.

Most Suitable Breast Reconstruction Candidates are;

Though it’s an effective treatment that produces dramatic outcomes but it’s not for everyone for the obvious reasons. In fact, there is a criterion for who is the best candidate for breast reconstruction. Such as;

  • Health – Apart from the cancer diagnosis and treatment, woman has to be healthy so that she can tolerate the reconstruction process really well.
  • Weight – Though weight is not a very significant part but it pushes the paddle a bit. If a woman is having BMI of less than 30, she is more likely to see the best results.
  • For the Smokers – Nicotine actually affects the ability of your body to heal and also shows up risks associated with anesthesia. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why Doctors ask that patient to simply stop smoking many months before surgery and be in the same practice few months after just to ensure full healing.


Are you considering the Breast Reconstruction Surgery in coming months? Just check out this article and discover it’s benefits


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