Give Your Hallway An Instant Facelift

Hallway welcome mat

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As the entrances to our homes see so much heavy foot traffic it is very easy for them to look tired, shabby and well, a little bit dirty. As our hallways are our first welcome home after a long day at work it’s important that we make sure the space that invites us into our homes, looks clean organised and chic. So here are our top tips for making sure your hallway looks spick and span at all times.

Clear The ‘Dumping Ground’

As halls can very easily become the dumping ground for our coats, shoes, umbrellas and general additional outdoor layers and accessories, it’s important that we have adequate storage facilities close at hand in our hallways so that everything can instantly get tucked away. Therefore all hallways should house a shoe rack for neatly storing away your shoes. Not only do shoe racks keep your hallway tidy they can also shave minutes off your morning routine, by ensuring you know exactly where your shoes are, instead of rummaging around the house looking for them. (Phentermine HCL)

Coat storage is also a crucial item for keeping your hallways decluttered and organised. For hallways tight on space you can either hang some hangers on the back of the door, or on the wall next to the door to make sure you are not taking up any valuable floor space. For larger hallways, and particularly for homes with large families, you should be thinking about a larger coat closet where you can store all the family jackets and coats in one tidy location.

There are even some beautiful shoe box bench and coat wardrobe combination pieces available on the market, that are perfect for creating an attractive and organised hallway. So if you have the room available, jump online and see what models would best suit your space.

Rugs & Welcome Mats

As the mats in our hallways have a seriously hard time of it, with dirty shoes clomping in and out all day, it’s super important that we look after them and try and keep them looking ship shape for as long as possible. Therefore finding rug cleaners in NYC to come and professionally clean your rugs could be just what you need to bring your rugs back to their former glory. Getting your rugs professionally cleaned, on an annual basis, is a top way to extend the life of your rugs.

If you don’t already have a rug then maybe now is the time is to invest in one. If you’re not sure where to start then put in a little research. You’re going to want to make sure that the rugs you buy are hardwearing and of a durable material. Look at the overall style of your hall and decide what type of patterns, colours and style would best suit the existing mood of the space.

Welcome mats are a great extra hallway textile that can allow us clean off our shoes a little before stepping into our hallways so they are definitely worth the investment. Wet and dirty shoes that get a little stamping off before entering into our homes will vastly reduce the amount of dirt we are bringing into our homes, therefore they are an essential item for any clean hallway.


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