10 Tips To Spice Up Your Garden

10 Tips To Spice Up Your Garden

Most gardens do not please the eye as owners do not have a design for them. Instead, most people just plant in any pattern they think of expecting to like the outcome. Unlike rocket science which requires expertise, planting design is very simple and requires minor creativity of the owner and some green thumb. Some of the tips to beautiful garden design include:

Before starting up a given design, read on available designs

Websites and books on planting designs are available and offering very nice ideas on design. They offer reference knowledge on various design levels and skills. Therefore, before beginning, spend some time on reading and think of the design you would like from your intentions.

Lay down a plan

For easy completion of projects even the minor ones, laying down a plan aids in its easy completion. Before any designing, take time to draw the plan as per the way you intend your garden to look like. The plan is to guide but not a must follow fully.

As you design, have in mind a given theme

For flower gardens particularly, when designing, have a theme in mind. The theme could be circular or even a theme surrounding the central point of your backyard.

Locate your focal point

Garden round tree of shrubs

Locate in your backyard a focal point where the design will be laid. Some of the focal point could be, a rosebush or lovely old bath, which needs incorporation of simple design like wrapping around the point with stone path.

Bring out unique qualities

Emphasize on the uniqueness of your garden and how it stands out among others. Such could include: specific flower type or statues. Make such stand out of the many.

Do not be swayed

 Garden tricycle by ivy wall

Stand still on your theme do not be carried away by aspects such as formal gardening or aiming at maintaining perfect themes. For example, trying to work on your shrubs and bushes to look similar will cost you for nothing as it will not add any value.

Maintain simplicity

For designs, less is always more. If you keep your design simple and elegant, this translates to less work in the beginning phase as well as maintenance. Most people ran for complex designs which are hard to maintain as they require so much to be done. Avoid elaborate and complex features such as fountains, waterscapes and ponds in cases of limited space and time. Also, familiarize yourself with the different garden hose types to ensure the plants receive the proper amount of water for their growth.


Birds make the beautiful features and can be attracted by some birds could be planting berry bush and others flowers. Hummingbird feeders are a great way of attracting these beautiful birds and make for joyous garden watching.


Incorporate vegetable planting in your flower planting. In cases where separate vegetable planting is unavailable, consider using square foot type of gardening to add on vegetables in the flower beds and lawn.

Do not use huge lawns

Garden weeds growing

Huge lawns are boring at times and require serious maintenance. A common way to reducing your lawn is by using square foot to add flowers or vegetables in the squares.

If you consider the above tips well to design, your flower bed can change from the simple flower place to an elegant showpiece which everyone will admire.


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