Making Your Home More Enjoyable In The Summer

Home More Enjoyable in the summer

Summertime can be rather frustrating, especially if your air conditioner just isn’t doing the job for you. It’s tough to keep your home from getting too humid and if you let this humidity build up, it can ruin a lot of things for you such as your electronics, wood floors, and even your mattresses. When humidity is too high, it creates moisture, which then can create mold, fungus, mildew, and can even make your floors and walls warp. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can easily control the amount of heat and humidity that builds up in your home with just a few simple tips and tricks.

Using A Dehumidifier To Reduce Humidity

Summers are tough as it is with the heat. If you’re outside doing yard work or trying to make your home look more attractive, the last thing you want to to do is go inside to get out of the humidity only to find yourself in even more humidity. If you don’t already know, humidity is the feeling in the air that you may refer to as heavy or muggy. It is an excess buildup of water vapor in the air and everything that comes in contact it will become damp and gross. It can also build up inside of your mattress, creating mold and mildew

Inside of houses, humidity can be particularly dangerous because it can cause a ton of damage. It can cause mold to form, mildew, fungus, and it can even make respiratory issues even worse. Allergens thrive off of moist air, which is why you should keep a dehumidifier handy. A dehumidifier may not cool down a room like an air conditioner will, but it will remove the moisture, making the air more tolerable to breathe in. It will feel like it is cooler, only because it’s not as heavy.

How It works

A dehumidifier is a rather simple piece of equipment. The air gets sucked in through a fan in the dehumidifier and it gets stuck to the coils inside of it. The moisture then goes into a holder inside of the machine, which will need to be emptied. Of course, not all models are like this, there are different kinds with different features. You can choose one that releases the moisture in a sump pump by the use of a hose.  The hot air that was originally sucked up will then be released back into the room as much cooler air. So, it does help cool the room down, but only because it sucks out the humidity.

Sleeping Cooler

Not only will humidity ruin your home, it will also ruin your sleep. Mattresses tend to build up heat, or what we call heat retention. If you’re a naturally warm sleeper, this can make things even worse for you. This is when you’ll want to invest in a mattress for hot sleepers. These mattresses come with special foams that help cool you down. They can be memory foam, elastic foam, open cell foam, Celliant technology covers, or even beds that have fans built into them.

You can use the dehumidifier along with the cooling mattress to create a comfortable sleeping environment for you. These are great for those who may also suffer from hot flashes, multiple sclerosis, back pain, or any other condition that causes you to sleep warm.


Humidity can make a big difference in the way your home performs and how you sleep. If your home is too humid, you may notice that your floors are bowing or that your electronics aren’t working right. You may also notice that you’re sleeping terribly. Follow the few tips that I provided you with above and you’ll find yourself living in a much more comfortable environment.


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