3 Creative And Easy Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

Baby-Proof Your Home from gate

Your home will never be the same when you have your little one. Babies and young kids should be safe and secure, especially inside your house. There are times, however, that accidents really happen even inside the house. The best way to prevent this is to baby proof elements in the house that pose danger or threat to your baby.

Baby proofing the house to have the safest environment for your family is one of your greatest concerns. Making sure everything is safe at all times is essential.

Here are creative ways to baby-proof your home to keep your little ones safe and secure.

Convert A Spare Room Into A Play Area

One of the easiest and most creative ways to baby proof your house is to create a nursery or play area where your baby is safe at all times. If you have a spare room, you can convert it into a play area for your baby. It could be her play area during the day and nursery at night.

The play area should have padded walls and floors to prevent head injuries. Furthermore, the toys should be appropriate for your baby’s age to prevent choking. Makes sure that all electrical outlets are covered and the door has a gate so your baby can’t go out.

Lastly, your crib or sleeping area should have a railing or protective gate to prevent the rolling of baby and falling from the bed.

Use Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates are useful in making sure your baby won’t go out of the room, house or play area unattended. They can also save your little one from falling down the stairs or going up one. To make it creative, you can paint customized baby gates with bright colors or with those colors matching your interior design.

Make sure the gates are always locked and they cannot be easily opened by the baby. You might want to put a baby gate in every room especially where there are many hazards like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Baby-Proof Your Home toys

Baby Proof The Living Room

You may not realize it but your living room has many hazards that need to be taken care of. The fireplace should be covered so your little one can’t go inside. You can buy put magnet board as a border for your fireplace. Add magnets for your baby to play with.

You can also turn it into a chalk wall and let your kids draw or write on it. The sharp edges of your coffee tables, chairs and furniture can be covered with colorful foam as a cushion. This will prevent injuries in case of falls.

Having a baby can be a very exciting time. As soon as your little one comes inside the house, it’s important to start baby proofing anything that may pose harm to your baby. Always remember that in every stage your baby goes through, you need to baby proof parts of the house to ensure safety.

Author Bio: Stacy Belk – the owner of MomWoot – She is a nurse and a mom of 2 children. Her blog provides helpful information about pregnancy and many useful tips for young parents.


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