The Importance of Evaporative Cooling Systems

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For many decades, ducted evaporative cooling systems or appliances have been the best cooling solution for hot summers because of its low initial investment and very low usage with respect to energy levels.  This is considered to be the wisest decision with respect to the total home cooling situation.

Evaporative cooling is the process that is natural, which brings in air from outside and passed over pads that are saturated with water, thus providing a cooling effect as seen in the cooling of the ocean by the sea breeze. These cooling systems let home owners leave their doors and windows open, thus enabling fresh air to flood in, which creates a fresh and much healthier lifestyle.

As this system makes the air moist, the air coming out of the ducted evaporative cooling systems is much better for the human skin than some dry air that comes from refrigerated systems. This efficient filtration seen in these systems reduces the problems of people who suffer from allergies. However, in many regions that have high humidity, experts recommend using air conditioning systems that are refrigerated.

Disadvantages of Evaporative Cooling Systems

This method of cooling is an outdated approach that has been overtaken by methods that are efficient, fast, and contains reverse cycle air conditioning systems that is seen in the same refrigerators as seen in the kitchens. The improved system that keeps the food from getting spoilt.

Unfortunately, these cooling systems are common in the market because of the heavy marketing of some companies. Although the performance of these cooling systems varies based on the rapid variations  in temperature, humidity, and other factors that influence the cooling. These cooling systems cool the air but most of the times, make the users feel suffocated.

How Does the Evaporative Cooling Work?

Have you ever thought why you feel cool when you are sitting by the ocean or close to a river? This is because, a breeze of hot air blows over the sea or river. This process causes some of the water to be turned into water vapor and absorbs some of the heat. Because of this, the air is cooled by evaporation and hence it becomes a sea breeze.

An evaporative air conditioner functions in the same way as seen in the process above. Hot air after entering the unit that cools situated on the roof. The hot air is filtered and chilled as it blows over specifically designed Chillcel pads. The fan blows this cooled air throughout the home. Hot air in the house is blown out through doors and windows that are wide open. So, every two minutes fresh cooled air is introduced into the homes by such evaporative air conditioning systems.

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Following Are the Steps to Be Followed for Efficiently Maintaining an Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • The old pads should be removed and cleaned thoroughly. A wire brush is used to scrape away the scale that grows organically. It is recommended that all surfaces are painted with a protectant evaporative cooling systems.
  • The water distribution system should be cleaned regularly. Everything starting from the pump impeller, water distribution tubes, and pump screen should be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The system should be checked thoroughly for tubing whether that is cracked or not? The pump should be lubricated with the pump impeller with SAW 20 motor oil.
  • The entire system should be checked for switches, insulation, or electrical wiring. Inspect electrical wiring and switches for poor connections or worn insulation. The belts should be inspected for wear and tear. The worn parts can be replaced or repaired.
  • The motor bolts should be evaluated for proper belt tension. The belt tension should be set in such a way the moderate hand pressure reduces the belt to one inch at the center.


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