Hydronic Floor Heating and Effective Tips to Maintain It

Hydronic Floor Heating gloves with hoses

Being a sustainable solution for heating, Hydronic floor heating is one of the most used and most effective ways to heat a home. In today’s time, it is not just an inexpensive method to provide heat to a place, but is also healthy. Unlike other heating techniques, it costs less and doesn’t circulate dust inside the home. In addition to these advantages, the hydronic floor heating is an easy-to-operate system wherein heat can be controlled.

Radiant heat is used by this hydronic heating system to heat a place in a healthy way. This radiant heat could be from the wall or from the floor. As it has been found as a healthy way to heat a home, there is no concern about it leading to any kind of allergy. This system could be an effective heating technique for a long time if it is controlled and maintained in the best possible way. But what are the best ways to maintain Hydronic floor heating?

Here are some tips that may help in maintaining this system and keep it working in an efficient way:

Understand the system

Due to the increasing popularity of Hydronic floor heating systems, manufacturers have started making these systems in many varieties. A buyer must explore in detail before installing it. In addition, understanding the system and its parts in details is also important as it is linked to maintenance.

Follow the right installation procedure

Although Hydronic floor heating should be installed by a professional to avoid any kind of mistake or damage, one could also try to install it if you are aware of the technique to fix it. In case you have no idea about the installation procedure, one shouldn’t try it as it may lead to a long list of problems. By installing it in the right way, its benefits could be availed.

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Cleaning the cleaners? Use good product 

The hydronic heating system has some special kind of cleaners that are needed to clean it carefully. Only some special cleaning products have the ability to stop corrosion and harmful particles from forming in the system. Always look for high-quality products that are suitable for cleaning the system and are effective in maintaining the pH balance.

Repair leaks immediately

Although most of these Hydronic heating systems come with a service of many years, there are high chances that leaks may occur. Such leaks should be repaired immediately otherwise they may lead to bigger problems. When the leak is in the pipe and if it cannot be repaired, it is always advisable to change the pipe. These pipes are laid between the subfloor and the surface. Any leak can go on to affect the integrity of the surface. Your job is not over just with its installation, because you need to undertake regular checks and maintenance. This is best done by professionals. So, if you get professionals to install the heating system, they would also undertake the routine inspection and maintenance jobs also.

Regular checks
Hydronic Floor Heating pipes

In order to ensure that the system is problem-free and there is no leak, check it regularly and completely. For the satisfactory inspection, it is advisable to call a professional to get it checked. Even if there’s a minor problem, the expert will find and fix it. In addition, the professional should also be asked to check the pressure in the system. This is an efficient way to check if there’s any kind of leak.

Pay regular attention to valves and pumps

It is necessary to take care of every part of the system, including pumps and valves. Problem within a pump could be identified by listening to its sound. If it has started producing louder sounds than normal, the it is an indication of some problems. In such a case, call a professional and ask for cleaning the pumps. Plus, valves should also be checked at regular intervals, and it must be ensured that they are in good condition.

These are some common, yet effective, methods to maintain Hydronic floor heating and make it work efficiently for a long time.


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