Tips to Buy the Best Air Conditioner for Your House

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Air conditioning unit has become a necessity in the present age. After all, why suffer through the summer when you have energy efficient and inexpensive air conditioners.  However, choosing the right AC for your house is not an easy task. There are several factors that you need to consider before getting the air conditioning unit installed at your home. If you do not take proper precaution then you might end up buying mediocre products at a high price. Take a look at the few effective tips to buy the best air conditioning unit.

Energy Efficiency

With the increase in the temperature and electricity tariff, you need to make sure that the air conditioning system that you are buying is energy efficient. You need to check if it has been standardized by the energy efficiency authorities. The portable air conditioning unit usually come with star rating, the one with more stars will be more energy efficient than the one with less stars.


The capacity of the air conditioners should be decided on the basis of the floor size of your room. As per rough measurement,

  • A room having an area of about 140 square feet will need one ton AC
  • 1.5-ton AC should be put in a room which has 180 square feet.
  • A room with 180 square feet will need 2-ton AC.

Installation Needs

The window air conditioner system is a compact unit which can be attached to the windows. A split AC, on the other hand, has a compressor unit outside your house and one indoor unit that is placed in the room.  This has been specially designed for proper air flow. Make sure that you get the installation done by a professional as this has a significant effect on its performance.

Price of the Product

Price is another significant factor that has to be taken into account. There are certain features which have an impact on the price of the AC such as,

  • The capacity
  • Star rating
  • Brand

Air Quality

The quality of the indoor air is important to take into account when you deploy the AC. Thus, make sure that you get an AC with a good quality filter. This is because it can improve the indoor air quality. An AC with good filter will not only ensure quality air but also will improve the cooling performance. It also makes the AC energy efficient by preventing the choking of the evaporator coil with dust.

Cooling Speed

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The air conditioning system that you purchase needs to have an adjustable thermostat along with two cooling speed. Check out that it has at least two fan speeds so that you can use variable speed during different times of the day as energy efficient AC leads to optimum cooling.

Customer Service

You need to check the after sales service and the warranty. Your service provider should have a good network to cater to the servicing requirement of your product which will serve as additional features for your purchase. Always buy an AC from a brand that is service oriented.

Mistakes to Avoid while Getting an Air-Conditioner

Take a quick look at the most common mistakes that people make while buying air conditioners.

  • Low price might attract you, especially if you have a shortage of cash. However, if you think of long term benefits, it is better to buy an AC that is adequately priced.
  • Many people are inclined on getting the biggest air conditioning system. They make the mistake of assuming that they cool down the room faster. However, a large unit doesn’t generate uniform temperature but runs inefficiently which leads to the consumption of more electricity.
  • Air conditioning system is self-sufficient. However, you need to clean and maintain it to boost its performance.

If you manage to buy the best air conditioner system for your house, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing summer season inside your house.


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