Ensure Your Safety by Getting Car brake checkup before Road Trip

brake checkup for Road Trip

Amongst the features and components of a car, the brakes and suspension system are the most vital parts as any malfunctioning in them can not only reduce the car’s performance from increased fuel consumption but can also lead to a fatal accident. Such malfunctioning can be caused by numerous reasons such as leakage of steering fluid, misalignment of the wheel, worn brake pads, failing struts, and so on. It is thus extremely important to get these parts and systems regularly inspected by a professional mechanic during car service and dodge any possibility of an accident.

  • Understanding the Brake System and Its Repair

The brake system is the most critical component of a car as a small problem in its working can cause a major accident or damage. Some cars may have discs while the newer models may have drums as brakes, both using friction to stop the moving car. The driving habits or poor quality of brake pads and shoes may lead to gradual wear and tear of the brake, requiring its repair or replacement. It is important to detect this malfunctioning as early as possible as late diagnosis can lead to not only expensive replacement of the brake system but can also prove fatal if they suddenly stop working while the car is moving. You can detect this fault through some signs such as car pulling to one side when brakes are applied, unusual odor or noise, pulsating brake pedal, and mushy feeling from brake pedals. As soon as you feel a fault in the system, get it inspected by a mechanic immediately.

  • The Working of a Suspension System and its Repair

brake checkup rotors on lift

A suspension system consists of components and parts such as tires, struts, springs, and shock absorbers, all of which work together to create friction between the road and the tires and make the steering system stable while the car is moving. This is thus a key safety system of a car which takes care of a car’s handling while maintaining a harmony between the wheels and the car’s body. Thus, while moving, the suspension system absorbs the energy from potholes and speed breakers and provides control to the vehicle by maintaining its stability. Other than stability, the car’s direction is also maintained by transmission of input from the steering wheel to the various steering components such as steering gear and so on.

With time, factors such as rash driving habits, type of steering and suspension system, irregularities of road such as potholes and speed breakers and regularity of maintenance can lead to gradual wear and tear of the suspension system. You can notice this malfunction if the tire wears unevenly, the steering starts to go out of control, car pulls to one side, or if you hear some vibration or noise. This again can prove fatal if not attended immediately. Thus, to gain full control of the car while driving and to avoid any mishap on the road, keep a check of these signs and get it checked by an expert during car service.

To understand the vital functioning of the brake as well as suspension system of a car, it is important that you get these components checked and inspected regularly in a car service center or by any local mechanic. Routine car service would ensure that they are working properly and is necessary for your safety. Make sure you get the diagnosis and repair done from an expert in the field as he would use the latest and most appropriate tools and techniques for your car to ensure optimal working.

It is vital that you keep the braking system in your car in good working order. Brake lines, brake pads, and brake discs all need to be in optimal condition to avoid accidents. Brake pads are available in different compounds, with the more expensive types being more hard-wearing.


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