Advantages of Living in a Planned Community

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Humans have a natural need to feel like they belong. From the time of birth, we are instilled with a longing to forge a life around a community, independence, dependence, and interdependence.

When an opportunity comes along to leave the house for the first time, or move to one’s dream home after years of planning and desiring her own space, it makes sense to choose a layout and location that has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of the individual as a unique person.

When you take the steps to buy house & land in Australia from Lendlease, you take the steps towards living the life you have always dreamed of. In fact, I have come up with a breakdown of the advantages and lifestyles characteristics of living in a planned community.

Without further ado, here goes the list:

  1. Beauty in living space and surroundings – choosing the correct place to live for you has its advantages when a planned community is involved. A company such as Lendlease ensures that each environment crafted is not only beautiful but also sustainable. Beauty in outdoor living spaces and common areas ensures a sense of community and interaction.
  2. A feeling of belonging and community – planned communities strive to provide their residents with opportunities for interaction. Interaction spurs engagement and gives residents in planned communities a sense of belonging to something. Residents respond by getting the most out of life and creating safe environments where planned communities thrive.
  3. There is a range of living options – in addition, planned communities can provide residents with a range of living options that fits the needs of any budgets and any lifestyle so that those who choose to live within the community are comfortable in the lifestyle choices they make and so that their living arrangements cater to their activities.
  4. There are support activities in common areas – a large part of deciding where to live involves the support activities in the common areas of the community. Planned communities, for example, can offer amenities such as business offerings life wireless internet and workspaces. Also, planned communities can offer communal recreation areas such as pools and tennis courts and parks and paths to walk one’s pets in.

Planned communities are becoming a popular trend in the world of today’s architecture and city-wide structural planning. We are beginning to see these wonderful places of community and trust spring up all over the world: but more specifically in Australia.

I personally have lived in a planned community for a part of my life and I can say that I have seen many advantages myself within my own space. In a condo community, for example, there are the below advantages that I enjoyed while living in the planned community, such as:

  1. Safety – I never felt in the way of harm while living in a planned community for several reasons such as: units being close together, residents being concerned with the safety of others, and neighborhood watch communities to ensure the safety of all residents.
  2. Privacy – I never felt intruded upon within a planned community as my neighbors mostly kept to themselves and understood (and respected) the fact that I had my own life to live and my own tasks to accomplish throughout the day. Living in a planned community allowed me to engage when I wanted to and also keep private when I desired it most.
  3. Community – I never felt lonely in my planned community as many residents were open to conversation and we had community events planned such as: picnics, board meetings, open meetings, tennis lessons, open swim, etc…one thing about planned communities is that a feeling of loneliness is much rarer than in stand-alone housing.
  4. Wellness – I could also get out and be active in a planned community because of walking, tennis, running, biking, etc…when the weather was pleasant. When the weather was unpleasant, amenities such as indoor swimming and gym time were available as well.

I hope my lists of advantages for living in planned communities is helpful to you. My main goal of the piece is to help the reader understand the advantages behind planned communities in the case of making a decision of whether or not to move into one of them.

We are instilled with a sense to need to be part of a community and interdependent from a young age (maybe from birth), and I believe these types of living arrangements are on to something with the idea of building the community more from the inside out and offering activities outside of the home but still within the confines of the community.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts and feelings on the planned community subject matter. Thank you! 🙂


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