Top 5 Water Sports in Abu Dhabi That You Will Find Thrilling

5 Water Sports in Abu Dhabi jet ski

Abu Dhabi is famous for its deserts and oil industry. The capital city of United Arab Emirates is on the path of development and how! The city boasts of a seven-star hotel and a man-made island that has world’s first ever Ferrari themed amusement park. The city that is also known for its humid temperature all around the year also has some of the best ways to keep yourself cool in the ways of shopping malls and water parks as well as beaches. To escape the heat of the city, water sports are also one of the activities to keep you cool in the scorching sun. There are a lot of water activities in Abu Dhabi that you will find utterly exciting even if you do not consider yourself to be a water-baby.

We have listed down the top 5 most exciting water sports in Abu Dhabi that you can try if you want to have an adventurous experience in the desert capital of UAE.

Jet Ski Abu Dhabi

This is one of the most searched and looked out for water sports activities in Abu Dhabi. If you want to go for a ride on the jet ski Abu Dhabi is the best place for you as they are very strict with restrictions imposed on age being more than 18 years and should be a well experienced Jet Ski driver. If you want to have a safe Jet Ski driving, Abu Dhabi makes sure that you are not a part of reckless driving and can get help from an expert or hire a guide to accompany you in case you are not confident enough to take it on your own. Jet Ski driving is empowered which results in a burden to the public or others particularly the guests who are unwinding in the shoreline. Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the best places for Jet Ski rental.

Banana Boat Ride

5 Water Sports in Abu Dhabi banana boat

Strap on your life vest and prepare for an energizing ride on a swelled mammoth banana. The banana boat revs up as the speed boat pulls it at an expanding speed and quickly makes a turn to divert the travelers tumble from the water. So, get your friends and family and mess around with this exciting water enterprise. Be it the excitement of a fast adventure, an urge to investigate the encompassing waters or a simple quiet outing adrift, bold guests are certain to get their settle with one of the many water activities in Abu Dhabi.

Wake Boarding

5 Water Sports in Abu Dhabi boarding

Wakeboarding includes a great deal of practice on and off the water. You should be truly dedicated to it and not surrender effectively. Wakeboarding in Abu Dhabi changes the diversion. Warm water lasting through the year will make them ride hours on hours until you are hitting the wake and landing way out in the flats on every one of your moves. Whatever sort of riding style, we have a wake that will suit you.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Less trial than the new JetLev Flyer rage, yet similarly as extreme to adjust, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is expanding in prevalence in Abu Dhabi. It is so easy to learn. Before the finish of your first day, you’ll feel as though you’ve been rehearsing it for a considerable length of time. You can appreciate the sea, lakes, channels, and nature while working out, in a way that is distinctive to quite recently swimming.

Mangrove Kayaking

5 Water Sports in Abu Dhabi canoeing

Encounter a special marine eco-system with terrific mangrove landscape on a short, guided kayaking experience in Abu Dhabi. The accomplished and educated group will guide you through the mangroves of Abu Dhabi and clarify the significance of their reality inside our coastal system. Experience an assortment of earthbound and marine life while you paddle through the mangroves. Kayaking is fun, unwinding, generally safe and simple to learn and is interested in all regardless of the possibility that you have never attempted it where full instruction will be given.

Take up any one or all the above water sports to challenge your adventurous side and to get an experience worth remembering for the entire life. Abu Dhabi will be a great escapade if you plan it well by including these water activities in your itinerary.


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