How to Dress like the Girl at the Rock Show

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At one point or another, we have probably all experimented and added a touch of rock ‘n’ roll to our outfits. Well, there is no better time to dust off your leather jacket and dig out your studded boots from the back of the wardrobe than an upcoming concert. What you wear really depends on who you are going to see and whether you will be outdoors at a summer festival or indoors surrounded by sweaty rockers! But let’s take a look at a few general ideas to get you started if you are going to a rock concert.

Dress Casually

The spirit of rock ‘n’ roll is all about making it seem as if you haven’t put a huge amount of effort in. That is why the casual look is so popular at concerts…and you are more than likely to get more than a little sweaty! There is nothing that says rock like a classic plain black tee, matched with some skinny jeans or cut-off shorts depending on the type of gig. If you really want to look keen, you could wear the shirt of the band you are going to see!

Avoid Layering Up

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It is very unlikely that you will get cold at a rock concert, so you want to avoid layering up too much. Try to go for lighter fabrics on your top layers – if you need more than just a t-shirt, then you could try adding a chequered shirt over the top. If you do decide to go for denim, try to make it thin so your legs don’t end up suffocating. Also, avoid wearing your best clothes as there is every chance your outfit could end up a little worse for wear.

Solid Shoes are Important

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One of the best rules that you can take away from this article is to never ever wear flimsy shoes to a rock concert. Not only are they in major danger of getting ruined, your feet are likely to come away pretty battered and bruised! Sneakers or boots are the best option, but you have plenty of options that still give off a rocky vibe. Dr Marten-style shoes are a popular choice or else some sturdy leather boots.

Simple Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, you have a wide range of options in the rock category. Whether you go from some classic skull jewelry or studded bracelets, you can really get creative when you are going to a gig. The one rule is that you don’t want to overdo it too much. If you are going to be jumping up and down a lot, you want to avoid anything getting lost so dangly items may not be a good idea.

Understated Makeup

Don’t go too heavy on the makeup when you are going to a rock concert. The classic look is a plain pallette with heavier, darker makeup around the eyes. If you really want to stand out, choose a vibrant shade of lipstick for a bolder statement.


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