5 Reasons For Opting For Security Doors For Home

Security Doors For Home couple in doorway

We know that crime is increasing at an alarming rate globally because of which protection of our home and businesses has become a big priority. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to opt for security doors in accordance to the requirement. There is a wide variety of security doors available in the market these days and to ensure you avail the best of benefits, it is wiser to make a choice after considering specific factors.

#1. Material of the Security Door:

You have a choice between the steel security doors or the aluminum one. Steel is a good choice as it has the required strength for a security door, but it is not necessary that this can blend well with the aesthetics of a residential or commercial property. Look for the aluminum security door with a mesh of stainless steel and a grade of 316 marine. Checking out the locking system in these is important. A simple aluminum door cannot be considered as a security door if this does not have strong layers of stainless steel mesh.

#2. Locks of the Security Doors:

As compared to wafer locks, the five-pin cylinder key locks are a better choice. With the key locks an intruder finds it tough to wrench the top or the bottom of the door. A lock with a long term warranty works out an ideal choice. These locks need to be mortise locks and not the surface mounted ones.

#3. Hinges:

A minimum of three hinges with hinge pins which are fixed is a requirement for security doors. For added protection, a hinge pin which is welded into the leaf of the hinge is a must. A large pin offers protection required to a greater extent.

Security Doors For Home young family together

#4. Custom Made Security Doors:

Security doors can be customized and are proven ideal for the required protection. This is due to the fact that these can fit perfectly as compared to the ready-made security doors. Besides, with these doors, you can get the color and style which blends well with the total look of your home or a commercial complex.

#5. Reasons for opting for Security Doors:

Choosing the ideal security door can work out beneficial for commercial and residential complexes. The only hitch is being able to find the right one in accordance to your requirement. Think of the multiple benefits which include

  • Added security and protection for your business and family.
  • Intruders tend to get deterred by a strong security door.
  • You earn an increase in the value of your home with the right security door chosen.
  • With most of these security doors being resistant to fire, you can get rid of any additional tensions.
  • These doors are energy efficient. In the hot summer months you can just bolt these doors but leave the main door open which facilitates enhanced air circulation and ventilation indoors.
  • You can even think of a bright home with enough and more light entering the house from the main door once this security door has been locked.
  • Considered as ‘indestructible’ these doors are a long term investment offering all protection required.

Choose a best manufacturer who can consider the different factors for a security door. Professionals in this line can help you make the right choice of the material required for your home. Proper guidance and a long warranty can ensure you are free from any uncalled for tensions for a long period of time. Online searching for these manufacturers can offer you different choices in these security doors. You can consult local security agencies for advice regarding identifying a security door manufacturer. A little bit of an effort and research can ensure you make the right choice.


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