6 Hidden Storages at Home No One Would Even Notice

hidden storage at home in living area

Organizing your humble abode can be tricky at time, especially if you have a limited space in your house. Luckily enough, several experts in survival tricks have their own creative ideas on how to maximize spaces in your home, moreover, creating hidden storages.

Let’s have a glimpse on the possible hidden storage at our home.

Hidden Storage # 1: Hidden Key Storage

Keys are one of the most common household stuff that easily misplaced. Keep your keys all together by having a hidden key storage through a frame. Put hooks (number will depends on how many keys you have) on your preferred space on the wall. Then, enclosed this with an artwork or picture, whichever you prefer. Voila! You now have a hidden key storage!

white room hidden cabinet storage

Hidden Storage # 2: By the Window Storage Bench

Storage bench has a similar concept with an ottoman—seat plus storage. Maximize the space by the window by creating a comfy bench made of wood while allotting a space inside for storage. Furthermore, this will also give you a perfect spot to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee while having a good view by the window.

Hidden Storage # 3: Ottoman

Who will notice storage inside a couch, right? Achieve a comfortable seat while having an extra storage when you buy an ottoman. An ottoman will not only give you an added couch in the living are but a sturdy secret storage as well. You can store items, such as books, magazines, or craft items inside your ottoman. Moreover, you can store larger items if you will purchase a bigger ottoman.

Hidden Storage # 4: A Tilt-out Trash Can Cabinet

Your trash bin should not be ugly and must not stink inside your house. Prevent this from happening by proving a cabinet specifically for your trash bin. You can repurpose an old cabinet then place your trash can inside. You just have to tilt it out when you need to throw trash or getting it when garbage collection comes. Furthermore, paint your cabinet with a color that will coordinate the theme you have in your kitchen area. This idea will not only hide your trash but will also add a creative charm in your space.

storage bookshelf above bicycle

Hidden Storage # 5: Hidden Storage through “Books”

Have a safe and secret hideout of your items by creating a hidden storage through the use of book cover. All you need are small box or wooden crate, glue gun, knife, scissors, and hardcover books. The outcome of this crafty project will look like a stack of books compiled all together.

Hidden Storage # 6: Headboard Storage

It is definitely hard to organize your stuff if you have a small bedroom. You need a designated space for your clothes, shoes, books, or even your bedside table thingy. Create an additional storage for your items by having headboard storage. Achieving this concept will not only give you an added storage but will eliminate clutter as well.

The struggle to find the perfect storage for your stuff will be eliminated with these given hidden storage ideas. Start being organize and crafty by following the hidden storage ideas mentioned above.

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