3 Effective Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly & Healthy

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly & Healthy lightbulb

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In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about your home and the environment. Specifically, what can you do to make your home more eco-friendly and healthy? Below, you’ll find three effective ways you can do this, and we’ll finish the article by explaining why it’s important to have an eco-friendly home.

#1 Install New Lighting

One of the easiest ways you can make your home far more environmentally friendly is by installing new lighting throughout. Regular light bulbs can consume a lot of energy, particularly if they’re left on for long periods.

The problem is, almost everyone will leave their lights on when they don’t need them. Be honest, how many of you have accidentally left the bedroom or bathroom light on for hours? It happens all the time, and it can cause your home to use up loads of energy, which is bad for the environment.

So, to solve this problem, you need new lighting installed in your home. Go out and get some eco-friendly low-wattage bulbs that consume far less energy than regular ones. Also, dimmer switches are a great idea too. Why? Because you can tone down your lighting to use up even less energy if you don’t need it to be too bright.

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#2 Fix Your Roof

Did you know that your roof could be making your home less eco-friendly? It may sound strange, but there’s a lot of logic behind this. Your roof sits on top of your house much like a lid sits atop a pot on the stove. If that lid is firmly on, then all the heat inside the pot stays trapped inside, and the contents heat up a lot quicker.

But, if the lid has any gaps in it, then heat will escape through those gaps, and the contents will take a lot longer to heat up, which uses up more energy. The same logic applies to your house. If your roof is nice and sturdy and has no cracks or holes in it, then a lot of the heat in your home will be retained. However, if those cracks appear, then heat will escape, causing you to have your heating on full blast for a longer period.

So, there are a couple of solutions to this problem. Both of which revolve around tackling any roof issues you may come across. Get a roofing company in to inspect your roof for signs of damages. Then, they can patch up any problems you might have.

Alternatively, you could replace your entire roof. This is a good idea for someone with an old house and a very old and battered roof. As well as fixing the holes in your old roof, you could also get a new roof installed that’s more eco-friendly as it could be made of more eco-friendly materials!

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#3 Grow Your Own Food/Plants

Another brilliant way you can make your home more eco-friendly is by growing your own food in your garden. Now, you may be wondering how this is good for the environment. Sure, it’ll make your home healthier as everyone will be eating fresh vegetables and fruit that you grew yourself. But, how does growing your own food/plants help the earth?

Well, it turns out it can help the environment in many different ways. For one, growing your own veg/fruit/plants can help prevent soil erosion. Secondly, it can help improve air quality and prevent air pollution in your home. It all goes back to basic science, plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Therefore, they act as live air cleaning devices in the garden of your home. Plus, you can have plants in pots within your home to help rid the air of toxins and bad allergies too!

As well as all these environmental benefits, you also get the benefit of fresh food and a great looking and smelling garden.

If you take this advice onboard, your home will be a lot more eco-friendly than it used to be. But, why is this important? For starters, if your home is eco-friendly then you’ll reduce your carbon footprint which helps out the environment. Secondly, an eco-friendly home is also a much cheaper home to run. If you’ve got energy saving lighting, then your electricity bill is going to be way lower than anything you’ve had before. Likewise, fixing your roof will help you keep a lid on your heating bill. Finally, by growing your own food, you’ll save on food shopping too! You see, you can benefit a lot from having an eco-friendly home.


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