Why to Not Take Tree Stump Removal Lightly?

Tree Stump Removal

While you are getting, a tree removed, you need to consider whether you want the tree stump removed or not. Having a tree stump is a yard may appear to be harmless but there are numerous drawbacks. That apparently harmless stump may keep bothering your day and night. Also, cutting down a tree is actually a thousand times easier than removing the stump itself.

You may wonder the necessity of tree stump removal. Here are all those reasons:

  1. Curb Appeal: A tree stump gives hideous appearance to the yard. Imagine a well grown and maintained yard with well mowed There a tree stump would be an eyesore.
  2. Property Value:  As the tree stumps take up your yard space and give an unruly and ill maintained appearance, the value of the property gets reduced due to it.
  3. Safety: Stumps are dangerous as well as hazardous. You may stumble over it and fall. Also, it may damage the lawn mower if you fail to maneuver around it.
  4. Infestations and Diseases: Tree stumps attract termites and other insects and vermin. All this accumulation of insects can harbour diseases that can spread to the surrounding vegetation and harm them too.
  5. New Unwanted Growth: Tree stumps can sprout new growth again on and around it. It is a pain to remove it every time the sprouts come out.

All these reasons make tree stump removal necessary. Now another question to approach is whether to do it DIY or call tree stump removal professionals. It is highly preferable to call tree stump removal professionals as there are many factors involved in the tree stump removal process that you are unaware of. Below are listed some general ones for starters:

  • Doing it yourself is either expensive or dangerous. If you are planning to get professional tree stump removal tools and then remove the tree stump, it is surely going to be very expensive. Hiring professionals to do it would be cheaper. But if you are planning to just tie a rope around the tree stump and connecting it to the end of your car and thereby rip the stump off the ground, then let me tell you that you are underestimating the strength of the roots of the stump. It would in turn damage the car. Also, if by chance you manage to rip the tree stump off the ground, it may split apart and hit someone or break something. Sometimes some part of the tree stump remains embedded in the ground and that leads to the same problems as the tree stump cost. So, carrying out tree stump removal yourself is a waste of time, energy and resources and is hazardous as well.

Tree Stump Removal man chopping tree

  • Tree stump removal professionals have several years of experience. You may not know everything about trees and tree stumps. So, you are not qualified to carry out the tree stump removal process. These professionals are well versed with the details of tree stumps. Along with that, they are well trained for the job and carry it out in a safe manner, with precision and without causing any damages. Also, it takes an experienced eye to ensure that every shred of the tree stump has been removed. So, for an efficient tree stump removal process, professionals are a must.
  • The tree stump removal professionals have the required equipment to extract the stump easily without any collateral damage. This ensures safety. Also, they clean up the tree stump remains after the tree stump removal process is complete. So, you don’t even have to worry about the waste.

Considering the above points, it is clear that trying to remove a tree stump yourself is not a good idea and leaving the stump just as it is would be unadvisable as well. So, the only option you have is to call up a tree stump removal professional and get rid of the tree stump.


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