Don’t Move, Improve! Why you should extend your home

Don’t Move, Improve! Why you should extend your home DIY

No matter how big your house is, you will always need an extra room. Extra room for a nursery in the case where you have an added member to the family, an extra room for your kids to study, an office or even a gym room.

Therefore when faced with either of the above ideas you have to figure out whether you will move to a much bigger house or add an extension to your current home. Well, the idea of moving to a bigger house is great, but various disadvantages come with it.

From finding a removal company, the mortgage to pay for the room and even allocating to a new place can be frustrating especially for small kids as they may take a while before they adjust to the new area.

Therefore the best decision to make in the case where you need an extra room or a bigger one is by adding house extensions.

Why is it better to extend your home instead of moving?

  • Saves time

modern home fix it DIY

As we said earlier when moving out you will require finding a company to move you, packaging items and also time to pack all your belongings. This can take a lot of time and energy depending on the items you had in your current home. So instead of wasting all that time consider adding an extension as you will not require disarranging the entire house or moving anything at all.

  • Fulfillment

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In the case where you move you will not be guaranteed that the house will fully fulfill your needs as you will be required to utilize the given space that is in the new house. But by extending the home, you get the opportunity to design your house and home extensions, choose the area of the house or home you want to be extended and also how you want it done so as to satisfy your needs. I mean how fresh and convenient that is!

  • Comfort

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We always create awesome memories in our homes, and it is hard for us to part with those memories especially for kids. With a new home it can take months or even years for them to adjust but with an extension, they will be comfortable as they are still in their favorite home in their favorite room and area as well. They will also love the added room in their house where they get to play with their friends or do their homework.

  • Saves you money

With adding an extension, you end up saving a lot of money as compared to moving. How? There are varieties of equipment that you can use to insert the extensions which are cheap and affordable. Also some states such as London, you have to acquire permission from the authority so as to be able to add any structure in your home and the charges are pocket-friendly.

When it comes to moving out, the expenditure is quite high such as hiring a removal company, paying the real estate agents, you have to pay for stamp duties which increase depending on the size of the house, and this can drain up your bank account. Therefore if you are thinking of adding more space consider having home extensions rather than moving to a new home.


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