Ways to Develop Your Kids Confidence

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One of the hardest obstacle parents face is building up the confidence of their children. Given the fact that most children find it hard to cope up with the world’s given standard, parents are in dire need of help to ensure their children’s self esteem. For this reason, here are some of the ways that may help concerned parents to aid their children to develop their confidence effectively.

Step Back and Don’t Rescue Your Child

In order for you to help your child to build confidence, the first thing you need to do is to step back and let your kid do his/her own thing. I know it is normal for you parents to protect your child from getting hurt in this harsh world, but rescuing him/her from time to time may have negative effects on your child in the long run. You need to let your child to commit mistakes from time to time so that they will know that it is okay to fail, feel sad, anxious, and angry. By letting them experience these emotions, you are helping them to overcome these obstacles that will ultimately lead them into being more confident with themselves.

In addition, it is important that your child knows that they can play, experiment, and commit mistakes without feeling that you will criticize and look down on them for the things that they have done by themselves. Instead, let your child see you at your most vulnerable moments in order to let your child see and feel that it is totally okay to commit mistakes from time to time. By doing this, your child will feel so much better.

Don’t Overpraise Your Child

Your child’s self-esteem comes mainly from them feeling loved, secure, and from developing competence. However, over feeding and over praising them with these emotions is not recommendable since it will lead into your children being dependent with you and with these emotions. And that is the least that you want to happen to your child.

If you keep feeding your child with these consistently, then you are actually lowering the bar for them. You obviously convey that they cannot go any further. Remember that acquiring self confidence and self esteem comes from doing, trying, and failing at something, not from someone’s words.

But don’t get this all wrong. Praising your child from time to time is good. However, you should know when to say these praise words.

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Let Your Child Make Decisions and Take Healthy Risks

Letting your child makes his/her own decisions at a young age will definitely let him procure confidence. However, letting them do and control all the decision making is quite overwhelming for parents. This is why it is highly suggested that you give him 2 or 3 options for the meantime, and let them choose. For instance, don’t ask your child what he wants for lunch. Instead, offer him/her hotdog with rice and peanut butter sandwich and let him/her choose from that 2 options. By doing this, you are promoting him/her to make a choice of his/her own, and at the same time, you are letting your child know that these certain choices are still up to you.

Moreover, you are also encouraging him to take healthy risks by taking chances, making choices, and to take responsibility from his/her own choices and decisions.

Promote Positive Vibes Even In Difficult and Hard Times

It is normal that your child will feel defeated by disappointments and failures at times. This is why being positive and optimistic around your child is essential in helping him/her to build and acquire confidence. Offer words of reassurance and let your child feel loved and accepted in his/her vulnerable moments will definitely aid your child to achieve and reach his/her goals.

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Nurture Your Child’s Special Interests

Exposing your child to a number of activities is a vital factor in letting your child acquire self confidence. Children who have passion – whether its cars, dolls, or cooking – tend to feel proud of their expertise and will most likely to be successful in their life.

Encourage Problem Solving

Letting your child solve problems and negotiate in things that they want will make them confident. In fact, letting them solve problems like how to get their toys back from their playmate or how to find things like pencils and pens that they have lost in thee first place will help them to acquire self-confidence. The key is to keep your mouth shut and let them solve the problem on their own. By doing this, you are enabling them to solve their problems by thinking for a solution which ultimately leads to them in acquiring self confidence.

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Seek Other Ways to Help Other People

Giving your kids a simple chore will definitely play a great role in the development of their self confidence. Assigning them with household chores like washing the dishes, cleaning their room, or bathing the dog are some chores that you can give them. By doing this, your child will then see that completing a household chore requires effort and time. In addition, they will carry this trait over in the future when they are older if he has to do some tasks.

Find and Grab Opportunities For Your Child to Spend Time With Adults

It is no great secret that kids like to hang out with their friends. However, they should also be able to spend some time with adults in order to expand their world – by talking to them and giving them different ways of thinking. Moreover, having a close relationship with adults will ultimately make you child more mature and more steadfast in the long run.

Key Takeaway

There are several ways in order for you to help your child gain their self confidence. But the most important thing that you, as parents, can do to make it happen is to shower them with your love, care, and encouragement.

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