Summer Is Here: Bringing The Vacation Feeling To Your Backyard

Vacation Feeling summer out on the porch


Sometimes the holiday blues strike us weeks (months!) before we actually have time to voyage on our next adventure. Sometimes we need another way in order to fully feel peace at home. Changing up our garden exterior is a way to do this. But are you making those most of that amazing outdoor space you have?

For a little upfront cost, readdressing the outdoor area you own and turning it into something fabulous can create the holiday feeling you crave, especially when coupled with your favourite glass of wine and a sunny day.

This list will delve into the best ways to bring the summer feeling home to roost.

Exterior Feature Lighting

This can make your garden beautiful at night. Some tasteful lighting can turn even the most dreary backdoor spaces into a magical place to unwind. We recommend outdoor lamps, or perhaps outdoor weatherproof false candles for your furniture.

A new BBQ or home grill set.

This can be a great way to have a reason to invite your neighbors over or unveil to your friends the hard work you’ve put into upgrading your garden. Just make sure the area is well-ventilated (don’t house it in a pergola or gazebo.) Also, make sure that you meet safety specifications when it comes to the gas canister used to fuel the BBQ if you’ve purchased an upmarket one.

New decking.

A great staging area for new furniture, this is a great place to house a pergola or gazebo as we’ll discuss. Whether you use traditional wood or composite timber decking, most hardware stores will give you a great deal if you just ask about it. Many will help you install it for a reasonable fee.

An outdoor water feature or pond.

Coupled with tasteful lighting, this can make your garden progress to the next level. This doesn’t mean you need a 10m x 10m pond, but if you’re able to support it, a tasteful small pond with some koi carp can give a great talking point for dinner guests as well as being a naturally relaxing place to unwind. Just ensure you research the correct levels of water PH you need to manage alongside temperature requirements. Remember, fish are not just pets, as housing them is simultaneously developing a form of ecosystem.

New gardening pursuits. (i.e exotic flowers or veggie patches.)

If you have a green thumb, or just find a hectic city life just plain stressful, perhaps spending time in a garden is the prescription you need. Developing the garden is your own reward here, but developing a garden space can, when finished, feel superior to a holiday because you’ve crafted it yourself. This doesn’t have a high upfront cost, but a very large time investment needed. Hire a gardener or a landscape architect if you’d like to leave it to the professionals.

A Pergola/Gazebo.

If you have the space necessary, a pergola or gazebo can be the perfect addition to a garden space. It’ll house your furniture and help them have that extra protection from the weather, but can also function as a kind of outdoor room that gives you the feeling of an extended home. Again, this coupled with feature lighting could serve as a fantastic place to unwind after a long day at the office, and serve as a place to host guests.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you feel the pang for a holiday. What you’re searching for might be closer to home than you think.


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