Making the Master Bedroom More Romantic

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The master bedroom is an intimate space, especially for couples who live together. It is the place that is synonymous with passion, romance, and loving relationships. However, too many couples do not put effort into ensuring that their bedroom is set up to support this. Instead, they fill the space with clutter, spend a little time improving the décor and don’t even think about adding any romantic flourishes. This can make it more difficult to use the bedroom as a romantic space, where they can work on their relationship and spend some quality time.

Don’t want to be like other couples? Check out these tips to make the master bedroom more romantic:

Do Away with Clutter

The master bedroom might seem like the logical place to store an overspill of clutter from the rest of the house. After all, it’s big enough, and only you and your spouse ever see inside, but actually, it’s the worst possible place to store your stuff. You see, it is pretty difficult to share a romantic moment if you’re looking at overflowing stacks of laundry, a mountain of bills and the kids’ unwanted toys. Get rid of the clutter now! It doesn’t matter whether you hide the clutter in a closet, disguise it in storage baskets or donate it to Goodwill – just get rid of the clutter and you’ll be more able to let yourself go and live in the moment when you aren’t looking at constant reminders of everyday life and all the things you should be doing.

Choose a Romantic Color Scheme

Color has more of an effect on us than we realize. Colors have the ability to enliven us, relax us and yes, get us into a more romantic mood, so if you want to ensure that your bedroom is set up to encourage romantic moments more often, try painting it pink, red or purple. These colors will stimulate the senses in all the right ways and infinitely increase the odds that you’ll get a long lingering kiss at bedtime.

Add Beautiful Accessories

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We tend to save the most beautiful mirrors, candlesticks and photo frames from the areas of the home that will receive visitors, but our homes are primarily for our enjoyment, which is why you need to start bringing more beautiful objects into the bedroom. If you think there’s nothing more romantic than candlelight, splurge on an expensive set of iron candlesticks, or if you think period mirrors add beauty to the space, invest in one or two. Your master bedroom should be an inviting place that encourages you both to spend more time there, and this will certainly help.

Dress Your Bed with Expensive Sheets

Romance is a lot about the sensual, and there is nothing more sensual than a nice, soft pair of sheets. When you think of a romantic bed, you probably think of silk or satin sheets, and these are certainly an option, but soft cotton queen sheet sets are just as comfy and feel as pleasant on the skin if that’s more your think. Pick out some nice sheets that you both find pleasing, and you can’t go wrong.

Light Your Candles

Candles and romance go together like turkey and Thanksgiving – you can have one without the other, but it just isn’t as satisfying, so stock up on as many candles as you can fit into your master bedroom. The soft lighting and subtle fragrances they produce will have you both in the mood for love in no time at all. I find that rose, jasmine, and vanilla are the best fragrances for creating a romantic atmosphere, but try to choose scents that you both love.

Ditch the TV

You might love watching Breaking Bad and Gilmore Girls in bed each evening, but it probably isn’t doing much for your romantic life. When you have the TV there as a distraction, it’s easier to switch off and watch the screen than it is to talk about your day or share moments of intimacy; it can really ruin your love life if you let it, so don’t let it and move than TV to a more appropriate location now.

Mood Music

If you haven’t already, it might be worth wiring up some speakers next to the bed. As I mentioned earlier, creating a romantic atmosphere is all about appealing to the senses, and that includes sound. Once you’ve got rid of the TV, replace it by playing your favorite romantic music, whether it be something by Al Green or some soft piano music. You’ll create the perfect atmosphere for a loving moment,  promote greater levels of relaxation and, who knows, you might even find a new song that always puts you in the mood.

A Flourish of Flowers

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If there’s anything more romantic than flowers, I haven’t heard of it yet! Sending flowers to the one you love might be seen as a cliché in some circles, but there’s no denying that their delicate beauty, subtle perfume, and pretty colors can make the drabbest, most clinical rooms feel like a passion palace. Use flowers liberally in the master bedroom, and they will lift your spirits and boost the romance in your life for sure.

Personal Photos

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If you want to be reminded of your romance every time you enter the master bedroom, you could do a lot worse than putting up your favorite couple’s photos on the walls. Then, when you walk through the door, you’ll be reminded of all those special times you’ve enjoyed together, which will make you more inclined to get romantic when your spouse comes up to bed.

Your Attitude

Of course, setting up your master bedroom for romance can only do so much. You’ll also have to make an effort to ignite your spouse’s passions and make the bedroom the best place to be. So, start making more romantic gestures by leaving love notes around the house. Lighting candles and putting on some romantic music or taking the time to tell your other half just how much they mean to you.


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