These DIY Tips Can Help You Replace Glass at Home

DIY Tips man repairing glass window

Cracking or chipping of glass is a common occurrence whether it is the windshield glass of a car or the glass window of a house. Fortunately, the glass in both the cases can be easily repaired if the damage is not too big. Also, instead of hiring a professional repair service, you can mend the damage yourself using the DIY kits available in the market. You can get a window glass crack repair kit or a windshield crack repair kit for your window or windshield respectively and repair the crack at home. Here are a few DIY tips and methods to follow while attempting to repair a cracked glass:

  1. Evaluate the damage

Before starting to repair the glass, it is vital to evaluate the extent of the damage and figure out whether you can repair it yourself. If the crack is too big or if moisture or dust has crept into the crack or chip, it is advisable that you contact a professional to get the glass repaired. If it’s minor enough, go ahead with the repair process.

  1. Clean the glass and wear protective gear

An important tip is to make sure the glass is clean and dry thoroughly. You can use acetone or a light fluid instead of detergent to clean it and make sure to dry it completely so that moisture doesn’t creep inside the crack. It is also advisable to wear gloves and use a thick cleaning cloth to avoid getting cut from the sharp edges.
DIY Tips man working on glass window

  1. Repair using the DIY kit

For the repairing process, follow the instructions given on the repair kit carefully. Apply the adhesive or resin to the glass using the given syringe and apply the bridge to the cracked glass as specified in the instruction manual. In case of a car windshield, peel off the back film from one side of the adhesive strip and apply it to the glass over the chip. Burnish it with a sharp object and peel the remaining film. Adjust the adapter and stick it to the film, followed by attaching the syringe to the adapter and putting the adhesive on the crack. The idea is to follow the instructions carefully so that nothing goes wrong during the repair.

  1. Clean the glass after repairing

Clean off any excess residual or adhesive from the glass surface after waiting for the advisable time as mentioned on the kit. You can use a razor blade or any similar sharp object for this process.

DIY Tips glass window

By following these processes and methods, you can easily repair any cracked or chipped glass at home instead of hiring a professional. Chips or cracks in a windshield that are out of the line of sight may sometimes be ignored by people, but you should repair such damages immediately to avoid further complications. Moisture can creep into the chip and if it enters inside the top lamination, it can de-laminate the glass from the center membrane. This will lead to fogging of the membrane, creating a larger blemish. This water can also carry dust and dirt with it into the crack and submit there, making it impossible to get it out by cleaning process. In other glass panes at home as well, a small chip or crack, if ignored, may expand to become a larger crack thereby posing as unsafe for the residents of the house as the glass may eventually break off. You can thus follow the above stated tips and repair the glass pane or windshield by yourself and saving the expense of getting it replaced.


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