How Often Should You Be Shampooing Your Pets

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I was always baffled how my immediate neighbor managed to maintain his dog, Richie. It was always clean and not smelly as compared to mine. At some point, I had to ask him the tough questions. He also referred me to a veterinary officer who taught me a lot. Today, I can’t hide my smile whenever a person appreciates how well I have maintained my pets. Here is what I have learnt over the years.

Create A Pet Shampooing Routine

It’s always important that you have a routine which you should adhere to because your pet gets used to it. This way, you won’t have trouble cleaning your pet. The breed and the daily activities of your pets are also fundamental in preparing this routine.

For instance, dogs with double coats should be cleaned at least three times in a year while the other breeds, should be cleaned once every month. Moreover, when you adhere to the routine, your pet will always be nice and clean. Consequently, you can enjoy sleeping beside them without the risk of fleas and such annoying parasites.

Preparations Before Shampooing Your Pet

Before you shampoo your dog, or other pets, there are some factors you must observe so as to make the process easy and successful. First of all, you have to do a patch test of the shampoo you will use and observe any reactions such as rashes or redness. This ensures that your shampoo is safe for your pet. Next, you brush off any visible dirt on the skin with a smooth brush before wetting them. Finally, you have to ensure that the temperature of the water you will use is fair enough such that your pet is comfortable.

Grooming Your Pet

Before you begin to groom your pet, you have to ensure the surrounding environment is clean. Your pet will always get tempted to roll on its back when brushing. Also, ensure that the equipment required is available. This reduces any unnecessary movement.

Since most pets are usually not settled during grooming, you have to remove anything around that may cause distractions and be firm. This is particularly true for puppies who are distracted by just about anything that moves, in the case of washing a younger dog the best puppy shampoos can also make your life a whole lot easier, being designed for younger dogs makes them easier on their skin and coat. Cleanliness is paramount. Therefore ensure that you examine every part of the body of your pet as you groom to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.

Don’ts During Pet Grooming

Cleaning pets is not an easy task since most of them are not cooperative. Therefore, you should not lose patience because they might become aggressive and injure you. It is also not appropriate to start cleaning your pet before covering the ears, nose, and eyes. This ensures water and soap don’t get through these openings causing your pet irritation. Finally, you should never leave your pet unattended during a bath because it might slip and get injured severely.

Make a Careful Selection of Dog Shampoo

There are various types of shampoo on the market. But, you need to be cautious when purchasing because some might be harmful to your pets. Precaution is vital. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout and always consult your vet for the recommended ones. Most of the natural shampoos are friendly. For example, the ones containing Aloe Vera give your pet a silky smooth coat.

If you like to make things yourself, why not try to make your own homemade dog shampoo? That way, you’ll always know what’s in it, and can switch whatever ingredients are not working well with your dog.

The Bottom Line

It is not difficult to make your pet to look fabulous and well kept. Therefore, engage yourself fully in maintaining the proper care needed for them. (cialis) Get yourself the relevant grooming kits and appropriate shampoo and you’ll be good to go. With time, you’ll notice that your visits to the vet will have significantly reduced. Which is good, right?

Bio: Sarah is the editor of Growing up in a household with three dogs, two cats, and two parakeets, she learned to love and understand animals. Helping others with their animals by sharing her knowledge is something close to her heart, and she can’t think of a better life than having a pet by your side.


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