5 DIY Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

DIY Home Improvement blue room wall

You are probably looking at your home space and thinking you can do something to improve on what you see. Home improvement brings a feeling of new space, comfort, and satisfaction. Worry not about the cost implications. Bottom line, your construction will remain intact but with a few touches to add elegance. Even refurbishing your old furniture can bring magic to your home. I’ll help you tackle the agony that comes with improving your home with the following ideas.

The Plain Wall Needs a Mirror

There is that lazy looking wall in your living room that needs upgrading. You can improve it by adding a large round mirror. Mirrors’ reflection will always enlarge a small room. Now you know what to do to your tiny condo, don’t you? A framed mirror looks even better. To custom make your mirror frames, you need a framing nailer. Other than making frames, this tool has several other uses with wood projects. Therefore, it is an essential investment for you.

The Space at the Balcony

Most of us use our balconies to store things we don’t need in the house. Why not make proper use of this often left out space? Did you know that you could move your old couch to your balcony? You just need to remodel it to suit your space, add a few soft pillows and get a small rug for the floor. This space is an excellent relaxing space for that hot afternoon.  You can also use your old buckets to plant flowers and place them at the corners of your balcony. Who doesn’t need that afternoon breeze? Well, I do.

The Same Old Kitchen Cabinets

I tend to notice that these are some of the pieces in the house that are left out when upgrading everything else. Painting your kitchen cabinets revives the look of the whole kitchen. Therefore, if you have dark walls consider painting a bright color and vice versa. You may also use different shades on different cabinets. You can consider labeling them, replacing the handles, or even using new stickers.

Extra Storage Space in the Bathroom

Remember the wood planks you stored at the backyard after construction? Well, I’ve got good news for you. You can create floating shelves in your bathroom corner. You will need a sander which comes in handy every time you have a wood project.

You’ll also need a wood finish, corner braces, and some wood screws. Sand the planks and apply an adequate wood varnish. Mount the corner braces and screw in the wood planks to come up with the shelves. There you go! All your bathroom items now have a new home. You can find more design ideas on Pinterest.

Floor Ideas

We’ve all had thoughts to rearrange furniture, especially in the living room. However, we end up forgetting about the floor. You may consider painting your concrete floor, placing a colorful rag on your old tiles, or even drawing a pattern on your wooden floor.

One thing you have to consider is the colors you use. Make sure whatever color you decide to use matches with the furniture or the walls. The last thing you want is your home looking like a crown. Another thing you can add to your floor is a large flower pot at that left out corner. The flowers not only drive attention away from the floor but also complement the walls.

Bottom Line

If you are looking into improving your home and have that comfort and relaxing mood, find inspiration in the things you see around. Bring out your sense of style. Play around with colors. Let your home speak volumes about you.

Bio: Sarah is the editor of thediyhammer.com. Inspired to be creative from an early age, she is always coming up with her own DIY projects, big or small, and draws inspiration from other imaginative minds. She is always encouraging others to be more innovative, especially when it comes to home improvement.


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