Why Replace Old Windows with Double Glazed Windows?

Double Glazed Windows frame inside

Why Replace Old Windows with Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazing is an innovative concept in which windows contain two glass panels within a single frame. These panels are separated by little space which is filled with air or other non-toxic gases. There should be at least a distance of 20 mm for optimal efficiency. Your traditional wooden window cannot provide you durability and best longevity. For that, you need to install the double-glazed window fromĀ SESecondary Glazing, which can reduce your power consumption cost and save your family from any natural disaster. In addition, these double glazed windows can prevent dust particles and protect UV ray.

Top 5 reasons to choose the double-glazed window:

  1. Enhances Energy Efficiency

The two glass panels present in these energy-efficient windows insulates the home against high temperature and maintains a comfortable atmosphere indoors. This reduces the need of heating and cooling system, which in turn improves the energy efficiency of your home.

This is something that makes double glazed windows worth each and every penny you spend on time. But do make sure that you go with the best quality for effective results. During summer, these double glazed windows can block sunrays and keep your rooms cool all the time. Similarly, during the winter, these windows can block the coolest air flow and provide you warm temperature.

  1. Reduces Condensation

Condensation is a serious threat to older homes, as it makes it prone to dew, mould and in certain cases it even rots the frame of windows and can have a dreadful impact on the overall health of your family. This is why when you come across the signs of condensation then it’s time to replace the old windows with double glazed ones.

The panes of double gazed window reduce formation of excess moisture and thus keep the glass free from any sort of condensation.

  1. Protects the Interiors

The UVA & UVB rays from the sun are not only harmful for your health but they are equally bad for the furniture, drapes and other elements present near the window. Double-glazing made up of specialized glasses prevents UV rays from entering indoors and this ensures that they do not fade with time. Moreover, with this you will no longer have to install those heavy thermal drapes, which often block natural light from entering into the room. So now you can save your furniture from the adverse effects of sunrays by installing these double glazed windows.

Double Glazed Windows looking outside

  1. Improves Security

Presence of double glazed windows in your home signifies that your house is well-protected. It is relatively tough to break these glass panels when compared to those that are found in old windows. Therefore, if you do not want to make your property prone to break-ins or intruder attack then it is wise to replace the same old windows with double glazed ones. The metal panel of these double glazed windows is very sturdy and it is impossible to break these windows by intruders. Apart from that, these windows can provide you 100% privacy level.

  1. Temperature Control

Besides preventing energy loss, these glasses do not absorb heat during summers or let cool air pass in winters. This keeps the indoors cool in summers and warm in winters. So, with the installation of double glazed windows you not only end up saving on your energy bills but at the same time reduce the demand of heating and cooling system.

Next time when you are confused with the idea of having double glazed windows then do not forget to consider their benefits that they have to offer and the difference that they can bring to the value of your home.


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