Why you shouldn’t stop watering your garden and trees

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Your duty as a gardener is ever to ensure that your vegetables and trees are well watered. Plants deprived of water often show poor growth characteristics, and that make it possible for them not to have the admiration you planted them for.

Winter may be the only time when you may not have to worry about the watering need for your trees and vegetables. However, in heat and drought situations such as those seen in summer, watering your garden may become your biggest responsibility since water needs for plants at this season is always at its maximum. It is true that many gardeners don’t recognize the plants’ need for water.

That is the case since the assumption is that in the fall months when the temperatures are cool, water may not be a big necessity. In instances of inadequate watering, plants often develop folded and drooping leaves to minimize water loss from their leaves and that may make them lose much of their admiration. Here are some important reasons on why you shouldn’t stop watering your gardens and trees.

Water only penetrates the sub-soil layers and may not reach the plants’ roots

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Watering is only useful if much of the water sprinkled on the soil reach the vegetables and trees’ root system. It is from the roots that the plants can absorb moisture and use them in other vital parts such as the leaves, branches, and stem.

Meanwhile, watering your plants just occasionally means that the water may not effectively penetrate the soil sub-layers and reach the roots. If the garden or trees are growing on soil structures that are relatively hard, it means that you should consider watering procedures more than once on a daily basis. Regular watering will weaken the hard soil structure and ensure that much of the water penetrating the soil sub-surface gets to reach the plants’ roots.

Plants regularly need water

Sprinkling water on the garden’s surface may not mean that you have fully satisfied your garden and trees watering requirements. Sunny conditions may cause water to evaporate from the soil surface at that time when the plants may not have fully absorbed the right amount of the sprinkled amount. Therefore, to ensure that plants ever have continuous access to their water needs, watering is an activity that should be consistently maintained.

Routine watering is not costly as many gardeners may assume

Some homeowners may shun regular watering procedures because they may feel that the aspect is costly. However, the cost of water is cheaper than the cost of establishing and caring or new gardens and trees. Therefore, stopping regular watering for trees and gardens for the intentions of cutting costs just doesn’t make sense. If you are genuinely worried about saving costs, then you should consider installing rainwater harvesting systems so that you rely less on using tap water for your garden and trees watering needs.

Picking the right sprinkler system for your watering needs

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Standing with a sprinkler and directing the water from it to plants for just some few minutes may be of no help. If you are using a sprinkler to water your garden or trees, you may only find that the water may have penetrated only 2-3 inches into the soil after several hours of sprinkling. That may not be effective in the long run since some plant species have their roots cutting through 6 inches of the soil layer. For bulb plants, the soil layer covered may be even deeper.

You should only use a sprinkler that operates with enough pressure that can send effectively send water through the right soil layers distance. For making the best pick on sprinkler systems, you can read more on how to choose the best soaker house from Color Gardening. Assuming that you have acquired a sprinkling system that can discharge water with the right pressure, you should allow the system to run for several hours so that the water may penetrate the soil layer through the right distance and reach the roots.

The situations you should prepare for if you stop watering your garden and trees

Water is a necessity for a thriving plant growth. In situations when plants have limited water access, they may show signs of poor growth if other growth conditions may be optimally at their best. As a homeowner, your priority is ever to see your garden and trees growing rightfully as you wish. However, if you don’t adhere to regular watering, the plants and trees may develop growth problems, and that can bring you frustrations which are avoidable through the right watering time and procedures.

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