Jungle Safari Destinations for the Adventure Lovers

Jungle Safari Destinations waterfall

Tired of living amongst the social animals? In this present world where daily stress tension, competition is taking you over, it becomes mandatory to spend some time in the wilderness enjoying the real beauty of life in its raw and wild form. Well, if you feel the same and wat to leave a sigh of relief being amid the wild nature then it is high time that you plan a trip where you can actually see some of amazing animals instead of the civilized humans. There are mind blowing safari trips all around the world and if you have that inner love for adventure, then you will definitely find the following places to be the king of good times.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia

What’s interesting?

Animals are definitely what you will be looking for while in a jungle safari, but Tabin Wildlife Reserve offers much more that just watching wild-life in their natural habitat. Stay in one of the forest bungalows during your visit using Travel offers and experience the beauty of the soothing river that flows nearby. There will be herds of Tembadau, Bornean rhinoceros and Borneo elephant roaming around and that is one sight you will never want to miss.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

What’s interesting?

If you are dying to peek into wilderness then this is one of the excellent places to be. Thousands of birds, giraffe, elephants, wildebeest, antelopes and zebras are found in this national park and the beauty of it is the rest camp. In fact, there are quite a few rest camps that are specially made for people to enjoy the jungle safari to the fullest. If you are into wildlife photography, there can be no other place to capture some amazing shots than this.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

What’s interesting?

Leopards! Do you need anything else to please your eyes when you see a leopard having an afternoon sleep on one of the branches of a tree or eating one of the preys that it has captured some time ago? The path inside Serengeti National Park often has such visions and these are spine chilling. There are also zebras and elephants, but they would seem secondary once you lay eyes on this beastly predator. Book your seats during June and you will know what leopards are like in real life.

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

What’s interesting?

If you do not have the courage to see leopards in front of you, then it would be best to see a wide variety of monkeys and their ways of life.  Manuel Antonio National Park is famous for the wide range of white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and squirrel monkeys. Additionally, there are iguanas and sloths that would make for a perfect combination. You can also visit the untouched beaches nearby if you want some space away from the fauna of this national park.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Costa Rica

What’s interesting?

When there are over 400 species of birds, 100 species of mammals and 420 species of orchids, you know you are almost there in heaven. That is exactly what Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve offers to its adventure-seeking visitors and you will definitely not be disappointed after your visit in this place. The canopy walk and variety of animals will make your trip worthwhile and one to remember for a lifetime


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