Travertine & White Marble Tiles at A Glance

Travertine & White Marble Tiles at A Glance

Travertine is a natural stone that is the result of the formation of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate that takes place at hot springs. This results in the formation of a terrestrial sedimentary rock that is called travertine. This stone is found in various unique colors that matches the contemporary requirements of modern architecture. This type of rock is usually found in kitchens and bathroom areas. Its appearance is dazzling and its presence adds soothing warmth to the environment where it is present.

Travertine stands apart from other stones as its not manmade stone. Each stone is creatively designed by nature and hold specific distinct features, which are holes within the stone, formed by carbon dioxide that escapes through the stone during its formation. However, these holes help in the beautification of the stone and enhance its appeal. Each stone has an exceptional appearance of striking patterns that are formed distinctively. These stones usually have a glossy or matte finish that makes them at par with contemporary stones used for home décor. This stone is retro and can create timeless flooring that can be termed as evergreen. And to bring about color choices, these stones are also available in miscellaneous colors.

A travertine floor lasts long and is very hard. Its maintenance is easy. Since it is a stone floor tile, even if a single tile breaks or is damaged, it can be easily replaced or changed without the need of repairing or realigning the look of the entire floor. They can be easily installed and have become a quite popular flooring material. Travertine floors add rough texture and that feature gives a different appeal to the floor. With high durability, they are a long-time investment. They also add market value to your property. They can be easily cleaned, so are recommended to be installed on floors that have high traffic like schools, hospitals, office room etc. They can easily merge into any style and can match up with any home décor. It is most suitable for indoor use that can make home surroundings look good and appealing.

White Marble Tiles entryway

Super white travertine tiles are formed from limestone that is heat derived from crystalline structures that were used in ancient buildings of Greeks and Romans. Marbles are used as building material and most commonly used on floorings and making sculptures. White marble tiles used as flooring usually makes the atmosphere look heavenly and angelic. This tiles are most commonly used on the hallway, bathroom floor, and even as tiles on walls. White marble’s appearance can also be enhanced by giving it a high gloss finish shine and the stone can be cut into various shapes and sizes. This altering can cater to various design needs. They are the most elegant style that can be used on the interior front and is easy to clean, making the floor attractive to match up to the contemporary scenario.

The lustrous look of marble stands out from other flooring tiles as white marble delivers unique appearance that cannot be matched up by any other color. White marble tiles can provide you with endless choices for designing and are highly durable along with the capacity to raise your property value. White marble gives a highly royal look and are mostly used on religious platforms as well As white color denotes peace. White marble is used on hospital floors also, which in turn is beneficial as on the white floor, it is easy to determine whether it is cleaned properly or not.


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