Know All Things About Cantilever Gates?

Cantilever Gates at night outside

Cantilever gates are the heaviest sliding gates, which are used for industrial purposes. People are now also installing these gates at their main entrances. This gate does not have any roller on the ground and it is a type of hanging gate which can provide you smooth operation without any ground obstructions.  There are various choices, which one has when they want to install elements outdoors. There are a variety of choices which can be availed of to demarcate the property as well. Choosing the right elements with the right style and made of right materials is most important. For security reason you can install this gates in your property and you can utilize your full space because cantilevered gates do not require any internal space for the installation. Apart from that, you can install cantilever gates on the concrete foundation with two rollers and this gate can provide you corrosion-free facility.

Cantilever Gates – What Are They?

Cantilever gates are one of the most modern types of gates, which can be installed. These are commonly preferred over the other kinds of options available such as sliding gates or support rail gates systems. Cantilever gates do not require supporting rails throughout, but they need to internal support system, which can be installed on the concrete ground. As the cantilever is just supported from one end, it saves lateral space. You can avail the smooth operation of this gate and people are now also installing this gate at their garage because these gates provide them the fastest operation system.

The Varieties in Cantilever Gates:

In the case of Cantilever gates, which are made with a supporting box frame, they provide excellent structure to the gate. The gate can as a result, effectively resist wind and other forces of nature. These gates are made with different types of materials such as steel and aluminum. So for the security reason, the cantilever gates are the best option for you and intruders cannot break these gates with the cutter machine also.

  • There are varieties of Cantilever gates. These include heavy duty as well as structural Cantilevered gates. The heavy-duty variety of cantilever gates are beneficial in terms of offering rigidity and therequired stability in different conditions of operations.
  • This is especially needed when they operate in extreme weather conditions and also where trucks and other heavy duty vehicles are in operation. The Structural cantilever gates are usually made of double track systems and used for opening large gates. The aluminum alloy tracks used also provide reliable operations with added security when in action.

Cantilever Gates outside during the day

Why Cantilever Gates – Benefits of Cantilever Gates:

Cantilever gates usually require specialized planning which needs to make use of the fence to support their structures efficiently. People might have a variety of questions and might even be little skeptical to get these gates.

  • The Cantilever gates usually are the best suited for grounds or places which are uneven. They are also best suited for installing in driveways.
  • The Cantilever gates are known to glide with the help of two supporting rollers, which ensures not only the smooth and silent operations of the gate but they are also highly reliable.
  • The gates which are of Cantilever can be easily installed. They are also easy to operate as they are not attached to the ground in any way.
  • The cantilever gates are easy to automate and usually there is not much noise associated while operating them since they do not have any tracks unlike traditional floor tracking systems, which usually produce noise every time they are used.

Most of the cantilever gates are available with security elements. These are also available in attractive and stylish designs as well as a variety of finishes.


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