Six Questions You Should Be Asking Your Handyman

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Whether you constructed your home or bought it from a previous owner, you are bound to hire the services of a handyman nearby when you need domestic repairs or renovations. When hiring these services, it is important to ensure that you work with a reliable and trustworthy person. Any defects in your home can undermine the functionality and comfort of the home.

This is why repair work should be done properly so that the same problem does not reoccur. To identify the best handyman for the job, homeowners should ask a number of relevant questions.

  1. Do you have past clients as references?
    Whether you are conducting minor or major repairs in your home, you will need to find out if the handyman you want to hire is reliable. Be sure to ask the handyman if they have handled similar issues in the past. Whenever possible, you should find out from previous clients if the repairs carried out in their homes were done to their satisfaction. This will help you to know whether you will be leaving your project in competent hands.

Remember that the handyman will mostly work unattended, a factor that makes it very important to hire a professional contractor.

  1. Is your work guaranteed?
    You should ask the handyman if they guarantee their work. This means that they will come back and redo the work or correct any defects in case something is wrong. In some cases, some handymen will charge their customers extra for problems arising immediately after the repair works. If the handyman guarantees his work, you should go further and ask whether you can get the guarantee in writing. A professional and trustworthy handyman will have no problem providing a guarantee in writing since they stand by the quality of their work.
  2. Do you have handyman insurance?
    While carrying out repairs and renovations, there is the possibility of people sustaining injuries or your property being damaged. This is why it would be important for the handyman to have the relevant insurance covers. You can click here to find out the important features of comprehensive handyman insurance.
  3. Do you charge an hourly rate or is there a project fee?
    In order to budget for the project properly, you will have to ask your chosen handyman whether they charge an hourly rate or a project rate. In most cases, handymen will charge project fees for larger jobs, depending on the amount of work to be done.This is important because it will incentivise the contractor to work quickly and satisfactorily while you will know what you will pay for once the job is complete. However, it will still be important to add at least 10% of the total amount of the budget just in case the project runs over in time or money.
  4. Can you provide a quote ahead of time?
    A professional handyman is knowledgeable and experienced enough in industry-related matters. A reliable handyman should be in a position to provide a quote before they begin work. This will not only help you to budget for the project but also compare several quotes. It is important to make sure that the handyman does not add any extra charges in the course of doing out repairs or renovations. If you have a contract with the handyman, make sure that the estimate is included in the document.
  5. Is this a team job or an individual job?
    Once a handyman has determined the nature of the project, they should be able to tell you whether it will be an individual or team job. The number of people working on the project will directly impact the costs you incur as well as the foot traffic in your home. This will help you to make the necessary preparations and adjustments in line with the inconvenience you are likely to experience.


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